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Feb 22 Budget deficit breached; gov’t may be stockpiling for spending Read
Feb 6 January Inflation Report: Pressures dissipating, now at 4.4% Read
Feb 4 January inflation outlook at 4.6%, MB expected to hold policy rates Read
Jan 28 2018 Philippine GDP at 6.2% after a stable 4Q growth; Outlook is positive for 2019. Read
Aug 14 [Global Market Update]US Equity Weekly (13-17 August 2018) Read
Aug 10 Policy rate raised 50bps; hawkish Read
Aug 9 GDP growth cools in Q2 Read
Aug 7 Inflation climbs further in July Read
Aug 7 [Global Market Update]US Equity Weekly (6-10 August 2018) Read
Aug 2 Fiscal deficits and inflation Read
Jul 31 [Global Market Update]US Equity Weekly (30 July-3 August 2018) Read
Jul 31 Desynchronization – July monthly report Read
Jul 24 [Global Market Update]US Equity Weekly (23-27 July 2018) Read
Jul 23 H1 fiscal deficit below program Read
Jul 19 BOP deficit surged in June, H1 Read
Jul 17 [Global Market Update]US Equity Weekly (16-20 July 2018) Read
Jul 10 [Global Market Update]US Equity Weekly (9-13 July 2018) Read
Jul 10 Trade deficit widens further Read
Jul 5 June inflation breaches 5% Read
Jul 3 Global Market Update:US Equity Weekly (2-6 July 2018) Read
Jun 29 Risk aversion – Monthly Report Read
Jun 26 [Global Market Update] US Equity Weekly (25-29 June 2018) Read
Jun 26 Fiscal deficit below target on better tax effort Read
Jun 19 Monetary policy preview Read
Jun 18 US-China trade war implications Read
Jun 13 USD/PHP breaches 53 Read
Jun 8 Trade deficit balloons, negative for growth; foreign reserves down Read
Jun 5 Employment improves in Apr, positive for economic growth Read
Jun 5 Inflation rises less-than-expected in May Read
May 31 Growing headwinds – Monthly report Read
May 24 RRR lowered further Read
May 18 BOP deficit widens, GIR below $80b Read
May 16 OF remittances eased in Q1 Read
May 11 Another rate hike this year? Read
May 10 GDP growth accelerates in Q1 Read
May 9 Q1 trade deficit widens on weak exports Read
May 8 Agriculture slowed in Q1 Read
May 4 Inflation still on the rise Read
Apr 26 Q1 gov’t spending above target Read
Apr 16 OF remittance growth unexpectedly slows in Feb Read
Apr 11 Trade deficit expands, FDI soars, foreign reserves down Read
Apr 11 Fiscal deficit widens in Feb Read
Apr 5 Inflation elevates further in March Read
Mar 23 Monetary policy steady, but until when? Read
Mar 21 Twin deficits: should we be worried? Read
Mar 15 Foreign portfolio outflows in Feb; OF remittances soar in Jan Read
Mar 12 Record-high FDI in 2017, sustainable this year? Read
Mar 8 Foreign reserves down in Feb, BOP deficit expected Read
Mar 6 Inflation surges in February, but a March rate hike now less likely Read
Feb 27 Fiscal deficit narrows in 2017, to widen this year; underspending declines Read
Feb 20 BOP deficit, peso depreciation to persist? Read
Feb 9 Trade deficit reaches new record-high in Dec, 2017 Read
Feb 9 A policy rate hike in March? Read
Feb 6 Inflation jumps in January Read
Jan 23 GDP growth moderates in Q4, 2017; to gather speed in 2018 Read
Jan 18 Foreign portfolio investments increase in Dec, turned net outflows in 2017 Read
Jan 17 Growth Implications of Tax Reform’s Package 2 Read
Jan 15 Nov OF remittances below expectations; Dec BOP likely in a surplus Read
Jan 11 FDI to breach 2017 target on Oct surge, but could still lag ASEAN Read
Jan 10 Trade deficit a record-high in Nov: A cause for concern? Read
Jan 9 Inflation targeting and the Phillips curve Read
Jan 5 Inflation steady in Dec, within target in 2017; to rise in 2018 Read
Jan 3 Yield curve and economic growth: an empirical note Read
Nov 23 Government infrastructure spending exceeds Q3 program Read
Oct 25 Fiscal deficit below target, tax effort improves in January-September Read
Oct 17 OFs remittance growth gathers momentum in August Read
Oct 13 Public infrastructure spending rises further but at moderate pace in August Read
Oct 11 Merchandise trade deficit widens in August on imports rebound Read
Oct 6 Foreign reserves fall in September, BOP likely a modest deficit Read
Oct 5 Inflation accelerates in September, still remains manageable Read
Sep 29 Risk and Reflation | Monthly Article Read
Sep 25 Fiscal balance shifts to a surplus in August; deficit targets for Q3, 2017, elusive Read
Sep 18 Current account, BOP, shifts to a surplus in Q2: Is this sustainable? Read
Sep 15 OFs cash remittance growth accelerates for third-straight month in July Read
Sep 14 Q3 household consumption to wane on dampened consumer confidence Read
Sep 12 Trade deficit shrinks in July on strong exports, weak imports Read
Sep 8 Foreign reserves up in August, indicating a BOP increase Read
Sep 7 Infrastructure spending posts strong yoy growth in July, on track to meet its Q3 program Read
Sep 5 Inflation climbs in August, remains manageable Read
Sep 4 Liquidity, bank lending growth rises further in July; August inflation to remain manageable Read
Sep 4 Manufacturing PMI slides to record-low in August Read
Aug 31 Growth to slow down in Q3? | Monthly Article Read
Aug 29 Q3 GDP growth could moderate on drop in business confidence Read
Aug 17 GDP growth robust at 6.5% in Q2, 6.4% in H1 Read
Aug 15 Agriculture improves in Q2, bodes well for Q2 GDP growth Read
Aug 15 Remittance growth above par in June Read
Aug 11 H1 GDP growth influenced by trade, FDI, manufacturing, monetary policy Read
Aug 4 Headline inflation up, core inflation down in July Read
Aug 2 Infrastructure spending relatively high in June, up in H1 Read
Aug 1 Manufacturing eases in July, could weigh on exports, GDP Read
Jul 31 Liquidity and bank lending growth faster in June Read
Jul 31 Robust economic expansion on track amid moderate inflation | Monthly Article Read
Jul 24 Fiscal deficit widens in June, under spending down in H1 Read
Jul 19 BOP records deficit in June, surplus in Q2 2017 Read
Jul 17 OF remittances bounce back in May Read
Jul 13 FPI reverts to net inflows in June Read
Jul 11 Trade growth, trade deficit rises in May Read
Jul 5 Inflation weakens further in June Read
Jul 5 Infrastructure spending accelerates in May Read
Jul 3 Manufacturing expansion less robust in June Read
Jun 30 Disinflation, monetary policy divergence unfolds | Monthly Article Read
Jun 22 BSP keeps monetary policy stance Read
Jun 20 BOP slips to deficit in May Read
Jun 19 Current account registers deficit position in Q1 2017 Read
Jun 16 FPI net flows turn negative in May Read
Jun 15 OFs remittances fall in April Read
Jun 13 Consumer confidence soars for Q2 2017, to boost household spending Read
Jun 13 FDIs post double-digit growth in March, Q1 2017 Read
Jun 9 Merchandise Trade Growth Slows, Trade Deficit Narrows in April Read
Jun 9 Unemployment, underemployment down in April Read
Jun 6 Inflation decelerates in May, monetary policy likely to remain unchanged Read
Jun 5 The inflation – unemployment tradeoff and implications to monetary policy Read
Jun 1 Manufacturing expansion accelerates in May Read