In partnership with FWD, Security Bank offers traditional & investment-linked life insurance products to cater to your financial needs.

Choose a life insurance plan that suits your lifestyle!

Variable Unit-Linked Plans (Investment-Linked)

Set for Life

Min. Annual Premium (Whole Life): P24,000
Payment Terms: 5, 7, 10 Years/Whole Life
Coverage: Up to 100 y.o.

All Set

Min. Single Premium: P100,000
Payment Terms: One Time
Coverage: Up to 100 y.o.

All Set Higher

Min. Single Premium: P1,000,000
Payment Terms: One Time
Coverage: Up to 100 y.o.

USD All Set Higher

Min. Single Premium: $20,000
Payment Terms: One Time
Coverage: Up to 100 y.o.


Min. Single Premium: P60,000
Payment Terms: 5, 10 years
Coverage: Up to 100 y.o.

Protection Plans

Set for Health

Comprehensive protection against
42 critical illnesses
Min. Annual Premium: P9,000
Payment Terms: 5, 10, 20 Years
Coverage: Up to 75 y.o.

Set for Tomorrow

Easy-apply, affordable term coverage
Min. Annual Premium: P21,000
Payment Terms: One Time,
5, 10, or Regular Pay
Coverage: Up to 120 y.o.


Complete critical illness insurance plan from wellness to recovery
Min. Annual Premium: P25,600
Payment Terms: 5, 10 Years
Coverage: Up to 100 y.o.

Set for Health and Set for Tomorrow

FWD Life's most comprehensive plans are now available online!

Why Should I Get Life Insurance?

Lifestyle Protection

Live life without worry by making sure you are financially protected

Child's Education

Help your children achieve their dreams.


Start planning for a comfortable retirement


Get coverage for critical illnesses

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VUL (Variable Unit-Linked) Life Insurance

Life insurance products with an underlying investment component

Minimum Annual Premium2 Payment Terms Insured’s Age of Eligibility Basic Features
Set for Life
Flexible, easy payments with benefits the way you want them!
P24,000 per year for whole life or up to age 99*
P50,000 per year for five years
P40,000 per year for seven years
P30,000 per year for 10 years.
*For the variant with a payment term of up to age 99, riders SurePro for Owner and SurePro for Insured are not attachable.
5, 7, 10 years, or Whole Life1 15 days old to 70 years old

– Provides flexible payment and investment fund options to let you maximize your returns benefits
– Optional Add-ons to maximize protection

All Set
Pay once and enjoy all the benefits you need!
P100,000 One-time 15 days old to 75 years old

– Simplified underwriting for eligible applicants
– Optional Riders to maximize protection (add-on)

All Set Higher
Make your money work for your future
P1,000,000 One-time 15 days old to 75 years old – No premium charges
– All funds are invested
– No medical exam required
US Dollar All Set Higher
Higher VUL Benefit from global diversification of your US Dollar-denominated investments
$20,000 One-time 15 days old to 75 years old

– Access to a well-balanced portfolio of worldwide investments
– No premium charges
– All funds are invested

Get rewarded for investing more for longer
P60,000 5 or 10 years 15 days to 75 years old

Unique features:

– Start-up bonus
– Premium extension bonus
– Guaranteed milestone increase
– Investment protector bonus

Traditional Life Insurance

Minimum Annual Premium2 Payment Terms Insured’s Age of Eligibility Basic Features
Set for Health
Get covered in bad times, get rewarded in good times
P9,000 5, 10 or 20 years

– 5-pay option: 15 days to 60 years old
– 10-pay option: 15 days to 55 years old
– 20-pay option: 15 days to 45 years old

– Financial benefit for up to three (3) unrelated major critical illnesses up to age 75
– Waiver of Premium Benefit3
– Returns 100% of premiums if the insured reaches age 75 free from any major critical illness
– Death Benefit if the insured passes before age 75

Set for Tomorrow
Get a solution suitable for your needs against unforeseen life risks.


One time, 5, 10, or Regular Pay

– Short Term Cover: 70 y.o.
– Income Protector: 60 y.o.
– Estate Protector: 70 y.o.

– Three (3) available variants suitable for short and long-term needs
– Get 100% benefit amount in advance upon diagnosis of a terminal illness
– Additional 20% coverage amount if the unforeseen happens to you while overseas

Complete health protection from wellness to recovery.


5 or 10 Years

15 days to 65 years old

– Up to 6x Major Critical Illness Benefit
– Health Screening and Health Supplement Benefits
– Waiver of Premium Benefit3
– Death Benefit or Maturity Benefit

1Whole Life VUL means paying period is until age 99
2Premium amounts depend on the Insured’s Age and Profile
3Waives future premium payments upon diagnosis of the first major critical illness

VUL Fund Options

Below are the underlying investment funds for VUL products. Click on a fund icon to view its Monthly Performance Report.



FWD US Dollar Velocity Global Payout Fund


About FWD Life Insurance Corporation

FWD Life Insurance Corporation (FWD Life Insurance) launched its commercial operations in September 2014. As of end-2021, FWD Life Insurance ranks 3rd and 5th in terms of Paid-up Capital1 and Total Premium Income2, respectively.

FWD Group is a pan-Asian life insurance business with approximately 10 million customers across 10 markets, including some of the fastest growing insurance markets in the world. In the Philippines, FWD has 18 business hubs located in key cities nationwide, with its headquarters in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

Established in 2013, FWD is focused on making the insurance journey simpler, faster and smoother, with innovative propositions and easy-to-understand products, supported by digital technology. Through this customer-led approach, FWD is committed to changing the way people feel about insurance.

For more information, please visit

1 > Statistics > Life > 2021 > Based on Paid-Up Capital
2 > Statistics > Life > 2021 > Based on Total Premium Income

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Variable Unit-Linked (VUL) insurance products?

VUL insurance products are life insurance products with an underlying investment component. Similar to traditional life products like the FWD Fight Plan, these VUL products provide coverage, benefits, and sum assured in case of defined events, such as death, disability, etc. However, VUL insurance products also provide the opportunity to earn returns of money invested in FWD’s Investment Funds. Part of the premium paid by the owner of the insurance covers the benefits of the policy contract while the remaining are used to purchase units of participation in the insurer’s selected investment funds.
With Security Bank and FWD, customers can choose to place the investment component of their VUL insurance products in 8 different funds.

2. Are there any risks involved in purchasing VUL insurance products?

The policy coverage in itself does not entail any risk on the part of the purchaser of the VUL product. However, because the product has an underlying investment in investment funds, which are highly dependent on the performance of the market, the amounts invested are not guaranteed of returns and are at risk of loss. The VUL insurance products are not deposit products and are not covered by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation.