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What is Bills Assist?

Tired of long lines? Always forgetting to pay your utility bills on their due date? With Security Bank’s Bills Assist Program,
you can consolidate all your utility bills and remember just ONE due date. You can earn Reward Points too!

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Terms and Conditions
  1. The Bills Assist Program is an automated payment facility wherein the cardholder allows Security Bank MasterCard to pay/settle their monthly bills to our accredited Merchant Partners.
  2. The Program is open to all Primary Cardholders in good standing.
  3. Upon approval of enrollment, the Cardholder authorizes SB Cards to automatically charge the total amount of the enrolled bill/s to his/her Security Bank MasterCard. Cardholder with successful enrollment will be notified via SMS.
  4. Cardholder may enroll an unlimited number of accounts from any participating Bills Assist Merchant partner.
  5. SB Cards has the absolute authority to decline, reject or cancel any Bills Assist enrollment and/or transaction without the obligation to notify the Cardholder on grounds such as, but not limited to the following: no available credit limit, overdue balance, outstanding balance with the Bills Assist Merchant partner, card suspended or on past due status, card expiry, card cancellation by SB Cards or upon Cardholder's cancellation of his/her enrollment in Bills Assist. In such cases, SB Cards shall not be liable for any damage, loss or liability that the Cardholder may suffer directly or indirectly by reason of such declination, rejection or cancellation. Cardholder shall be responsible for settling his/her bill directly with the Merchant partner.
  6. Bills Assist transactions earn Rewards points except for Meralco and PLDT transactions.
  7. The Cardholder shall inform SB Cards should he/she decide to cancel any or all enrollments in the Bills Assist program. Cardholder will be notified of the cancellation via SMS.
  8. For changes in card number due to lost/stolen card or upgraded/downgraded card, the existing Bills Assist enrollment/s will still apply or be effective once the new card number has been activated, unless the Cardholder requests for a cancellation of his/her Bills Assist account/s.
  9. For renewal cards, the existing Bills Assist enrollment/s shall continue to apply unless the Cardholder requests for a cancellation of his/her Bills Assist account/s. For Merchants that need to be informed regarding the new card expiration date, Cardholder shall be responsible for directly informing the Merchant partner.
  10. Cardholders may re-enroll their cancelled enrollments, subject to the approval of the Merchant partner with the exception of PLDT accounts wherein re-enrollment can be made only after 6 months from cancellation.
  11. The Terms and Conditions governing the issuance and use of the Security Bank MasterCard credit card are hereby incorporated by reference and shall form an integral part hereof.

*Complete Cashback and Click Card are not eligible to earn rebates.

*Bills Assist transactions earns Rewards Points except for Meralco and PLDT transactions.