eSecure Online Savings Account

Reward yourself with higher interest rates and customizable saving goals.


eSecure Savings (eSS) is a higher-earning savings account for existing Peso Casa clients that is designed to get you more from your savings:

  • Get higher interest rates to grow your savings faster.
  • Manage your accounts anywhere through Security Bank Online.
  • Open up to 10 accounts and monitor progress for each of your savings goals.
Maintaining Balance PHP 500
Balance to Earn Interest PHP 5,000

Higher Interest Rates with eSecure Savings

Tier Interest Rates* (p.a.)

0.065% (0.0675% effective March 1, 2022)

50,000-99,999 0.065% (0.0675% effective March 1, 2022)




5M and UP


*for more than one withdrawal within a month, the interest rate of your eSecure Savings account will be at 0.0675%


ID/Documentary Requirements

For Resident Citizen, Non-resident Citizen and Resident Alien 1 primary valid ID or 2 secondary valid IDs
Click here for the list of valid IDs
For Non-resident Alien Passport or Alien Certification of Registration (ACR) I – Card

How to Open an eSecure Savings Account

online account opening esecure savings apply now philippines
  1. Log in to your Security Bank Online account.
  2. Go to Accounts and select eSecure Savings.
  3. Click open eSS account.
  4. Complete the online form and click submit.

Get the most out of your savings

Higher interest rate

Interest rates higher than a regular savings account.

Scheduled transactions

Schedule recurring payments and deposits.

Set saving goals

Open up to 10 online savings accounts.

Completely online

Conveniently manage your account online.

Ready to grow your savings faster?


Make banking transactions more convenient with Online Banking

Easy-to-use and seamless, our online banking facilities are designed to provide the best possible online banking experience.

Hear from our clients

“eSS lets me keep track of my saving goals without the need for a money saving app. It’s simple, convenient and rewarding!”

Riley D.


“It’s one of those features that set Security Bank from other local banks. It demonstrates their commitment to seamless online banking.”

Sean L.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my deposit balance falls below the minimum requirement?

If your deposit balance falls below the minimum requirement for two (2) consecutive months , you will have to pay a service charge of P300 per month.

Who can open an eSecure Savings account?

Anyone with an existing Security Bank Easy or All Access account are allowed to open this high interest yielding account.

Can I make an over-the-counter deposit or withdrawal?

No, you may only deposit or withdraw your funds to your eSecure Savings account by means of Fund transfer using your SBOL account.

Will I get charged any fees for paying bills through my eSecure Savings account?

Payments can be done through the eSecure Savings account without penalty as such transactions are not considered as withdrawals.

Will paying bills through my eSecure Savings account affect my interest rates?

Payments can be done through the eSecure Savings account without penalty as such transactions are not considered as withdrawals.

Will I get charged any fees for closing an account?

Fees won’t be charged once you decide to close your eSecure Savings account.

Can I transfer funds to third-party accounts?

Transfers to third-party or non-enrolled accounts in Security Bank Online are not allowed.

What will happen to my balance once I close my account?

The remaining balance shall be moved back to your mother/source account.

What happens if I withdraw more than once per month?

The interest rate will go down to 0.10% for the current month and will return to the original rate the following month.

Table of Fees and Charges

Dormancy (starts on the 61st month) – per month 30
Charge for Fall Below maintaining balance – per month 300
OTC Deposit Fee 100

For further inquiries, please call the Security Bank hotline at 8-887-9188.

List of Valid IDs
Passport Company ID
Driver's License NBI Clearance
PRC ID Police Clearance
Digitized Voter's ID Postal ID (Paper-based card)
GSIS e-Card Barangay Certification
Senior Citizen Card OFW ID
Unified Multi-purpose ID Seaman's Book
ACR / ICR GOCC ID [e.g. Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP ID), Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF ID)]
Integrated Bar of the Philippines DSWD Certification
School ID PhilHealth Insurance Card ng Bayan (PHICB)
NCDA ID City Health Card / Health Certificate Card
Postal ID (PVC Plastic Card) Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Additional identifications (IDs) or documents may be required by our branch based on the interview and the type of account to be opened. The Bank reserves the right to decline account opening request based on its evaluations.

Deposits are insured by PDIC up to P500,000 per depositor