About us

“You deserve better”

Security Bank is here to deliver on that promise. With customer-centricity at the forefront, the new Security Bank makes sure to put you first, and craft personalized solutions for your needs.

Security Bank has always prioritized two elements: our customers and our people. Our new symbol, “Perfect Harmony”, is a modernized yin-yang symbol depicting these two parts working and coming together.

The blue is the renewed Security Bank. A shade more vibrant than the bank’s original color, it represents our change as a company while acknowledging the values that have brought us all our success so far.

To emphasize our new attitude, we introduced green, representing our desire to put customers first and have them grow with us.

To further personify our brand, we asked our distinguished clients to share their success stories, and how BetterBanking helped them along the way. These BetterBanking Stories, from clients who are the lifeblood of the bank, inspire us to strive for greater heights. These are the stories that drive us to succeed.


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