eGiveCash: Send Money Wherever, Whenever

Use eGiveCash to send your love this holiday season!

Why send money through eGiveCash

Convenient and Secure Sending of Money

Send money with Security Bank Online or through the nearest Security Bank branch.

Fast and Easy Receiving of Money

Receive money fast and easy after getting the eGiveCash passcode from the sender.

Receive Money Thru ATMs

Receive money through Security Bank eGiveCash-enabled ATMs. Click here for a list of operational ATMs.

How to Send Cash through eGiveCash

Using Security Bank Online app

Log in with your username and password

Tap on ‘Transfers’ then ‘eGiveCash’.

Go to ‘From’ and select an account you wish to debit.

Under ‘To’, fill in the recipient’s details.

Go to ‘Your Data’ and fill out the details.

Click ‘Send’.

Using Security Bank Online Website

Log in with your username and password

Select ‘Payments and Transfers’ then ‘Transfer funds’.

Under ‘Make a Transfer’, choose ‘to a mobile number (via eGiveCash)’

Under ‘Transfer to’, fill in the recipients details

Under ‘Transfer from’, select which account you wish to debit

Send the eGiveCash passcode to your receiver

How to Receive Cash through eGiveCash

Go to a Security Bank eGiveCash-enabled ATM

Press ENTER and follow the next instructions

Key in the 16-digit eGC number, eGC passcode, and full amount

Wait for the ATM to dispense the cash and transaction slip

For the full list of ATMs with eGC, click here.

How to Cancel an eGiveCash Transaction or Resend Details via SMS
  1. Go to and login your username and password.
  2. Select ‘Payments & Transfer’ then ‘Transfer Funds’.
  3. Click ‘Manage Transfers’ then choose ‘Manage Pending eGIveCash’ from dropdown list.
  4. Scroll down to see eGiveCash list then click ‘Last’ to view recent eGiveCash transactions.
  5. Select the card number then:
    1. Choose ‘Reprocess’, if you’d like to resend the eGC number, passcode, and full amount via SMS
    2. Choose ‘Cancel’, if you’d like to cancel the transaction. Once cancelled, your funds will be credited back to your source account.
  6. Indicate your reason for Reprocess or Cancel.
  7. Click ‘Confirm’ to proceed with Reprocess or Cancel.
  8. Click ‘Print’ if you want to print the acknowledgement receipt for your keeping.
  9. You will receive an SMS notification on your request for reprocess or cancellation. For reprocess, your recipient will also receive an SMS with a new eGC number and passcode.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I withdraw my eGiveCash from any ATM? This is only available at Security Bank ATMs with eGiveCash-enabled. For the full list of ATMs with eGC, click here.
  • How much can I send through eGiveCash? You can send from P500 up to P10,000 per transaction (in denomination of P100). Please note that there is a monthly cash limit of P50,000 per mobile number.
  • Can I send eGiveCash to myself? Yes, but you need to use a different mobile number from the
    records as we send SMS notification for withdrawal separately.
  • Does eGiveCash expire? What will happen if I am not able to withdraw? A pending eGiveCash transaction is valid for 14 calendar days. Once expired, the transaction will be automatically reversed and the amount will be credited back to the sender.

Got any questions? Call us through our Customer Service Hotline at (+632) 8887-9188