Trust Products

Make investments you can trust to help grow your business. Choose from our wide spectrum of products.

Unit Investment Trust Fund

A Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) is an open-minded pool fund managed by professional trust experts and fund managers. By purchasing UITFs, your money will be pooled with others’ investors money and placed into the fund’s investment of choice – be it conservative, moderate, moderately aggressive, or aggressive. And as the value of the fund increases or decreases, your part of the investment does so as well.

Investment Management Account

Have Security Bank’s manage your business’ assets to growth, with flexible terms that allow assets and income earned to be deposited or withdrawn upon instruction. Dedicated investment managers will design and implement investment strategies best suited to your goals, requirements, and set discretionary terms.

These are two (2) types of Investment Management Accounts (IMA):

  • Regular IMA- An arrangement wherein, the client, give the Trust Division full discretionary authority in the management of its funds.
  • Directional IMA (DIMA)- A term arrangement (short to long term) wherein the client directs SBC Trust on where to invest his/its funds and under specified terms and conditions.

Retirement of Provident Fund Management

Employee Benefit Plans or more commonly known as “Retirement Funds” are funds set up by companies for the benefit of its employees for the latter’s retirement or separation from the company or when incapacitated, at some future date, with the employees entitled benefits depending on the Plan Rules of the Company but no less than what the governing Philippine Laws on Retirement Plans prescribe. An arrangement wherein the client, gives the Trust Division full discretionary authority solely in the management of its investments in their retirement fund.

Corporate Trust Fund

Place your trust in SBC by opening a corporate trust fund. Here, SBC’s Trust Department is appointed as Trustee for the primary purpose of administering, handling, managing and investing funds and assets entrusted to it.