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Unit Investment Trust Fund

A UITF (or Unit Investment Trust Fund) is an open-ended trust fund denominated in pesos or any acceptable currency, which is operated and administered by a Trust entity. Each UITF Fund is governed by a Declaration of Trust (or Plan Rules) which contains the mechanics for investing, operating, and administering the fund. The funds are then invested by a team of professional portfolio managers in various other deposits and securities. Individuals and institutions take part in the UITF by purchasing units of participation in the fund.

Investment Management Account

Investment Management Account refers to the management of assets of individual and corporate clients. The assets, with all the generated income, will be returned to the client as instructed.

  • SBC – Trust, as Investment Manager designs and implements investment strategies suited to client’s specific requirements.
  • Disposition of funds may be subject to full or limited discretion of the Bank.

These are two (2) types of Investment Management Accounts (IMA):

  • Regular IMA: SBC – Trust is given full discretionary authority in the management of your funds. Minimum requirement is PHP100,000,000.
  • Directional IMA (DIMA): You can specify terms and conditions and direct SBC – Trust on where to invest funds. Minimum Requirement is PHP1,000,000.

Retirement or Provident Fund Management

Retirement Fund is an employee retirement plan set up by a company to fund the retirement/separation benefit payments of its qualified employees at a future date. It can be set up using either or a combination of the following plans:

  • Fixed Benefit Plan – benefits received by the employee are defined based on the length of stay with the company & his current salary.
  • Contributory Plan – benefits received by the employee consist of contributions made by both the employer & the employee plus earnings earned from these contributions to the fund.

Facility Agency

Facility Agency refers to agency agreements usually created in view of the loan facility extended by a syndicate of lenders, whereby the Facility Agent represents the interests of the lenders with respect to the repayment of the borrower under the terms of the loan agreement. Learn more


Secure your company’s interests by ensuring trouble-free and secure transactions. An escrow account is created wherein funds, securities, evidence of titles to properties, and other documents are deposited with the escrow agent acting as the neutral party between at least two parties.