Facility Agency

Establish mutually beneficial relationships among stakeholders
in syndicated loans by making SBC Trust your Facility Agent.


Facility Agency refers to facility agency agreements created for the loan facility extended by a syndicate of Lenders to a Borrower and whereby the Facility Agent represents the interests of the Lenders to ensure that conditions precedent to each loan are complied with and covenants of the Borrower or Issuer are observed while the loan facility is outstanding.

How can we help?

  • Ensures all conditions precedent to the loan facility release are complied with by all parties.
  • Promptly sends to each Lender/Noteholder regular or any other such documents, requests or communications that the Borrower and/or any or all Lenders/Noteholders may transmit to other party/s from time to time.
  • Executes and records any transfers of Notes (from seller to buyer) during the term of the Loan.
  • Maintain in its books, a record of the outstanding Lenders/Noteholders and their corresponding amounts of participation.

Benefits and privileges

Single Point of Contact

Save time and money by letting us deal with other parties.

Contract Expertise

Consult with SBC Trust on understanding the terms and conditions and interpretation of provisions of the Loan Facility Agreements.

Technical Review

Review conditions and precedents to loan drawdowns and other covenants.

Debt Payment Servicing

We’ll take care of the calculation, collection and distribution of loan payments and interest.

Documentary Requirements

  1. Cover Facility Agreement designating SBC Trust as Facility / Paying Agent and Security Trustee
  2. Customer information file
  3. Universal specimen signature
  4. Photocopies of government issued ID’s (all signatories and certified)
  5. General information sheet
  6. Certificate of registration with SEC
  7. Director’s certificate / Secretary’s certificate / Board resolution

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