Corporate Mastercard

Effectively manage your company’s spending, purchases and expenses with our Corporate Mastercard

Specifically built for your business needs

Worldwide Acceptance

Shop at ease with affiliated merchants worldwide

Free travel insurance coverage of up to P5M

Get coverage on accidents and more when you charge your travel expenses such as airline tickets and other means of public transportation to your card

50% of card limit available as Cash Advance

Access at any Security Bank, BancNet, and Megalink ATMs nationwide or MasterCard/Cirrus/Maestro ATMs worldwide.

Other Features and Benefits

Credit line is extended

Simplified purchase and reimbursement process and manual check issuance.


Convert your transactions to ChargeLight and enjoy light installments.

Merchant Category Code Restriction

Ability to restrict usage by vendor MCC code (e.g. Gambling, supermarket etc.)

Individual and consolidated Statement of Account

Ease in the tracking of purchases and expenses and streamline monitoring level of business activity

Auto-Charge Payments

Consolidate payments for utilities such as phone bills, internet, etc. which could streamline processes and save time or effort in your company.

Simplified Expense Management and Reporting

A smart, web-based expense management system supported by Mastercard

Marhaba Lounge Access

Get access to the Marhaba Lounge NAIA Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 (formerly known as Skyview Lounge NAIA T3)
*Cardholder is subject to USD 17 fee per person per visit. Travel companion is subject to USD 19 fee per person per visit. SBC card should be active and valid to access the lounge.


  1. Duly registered to operate as a business in the Philippines;
  2. Must have been operating and profitable for at least 3 years
  3. Hold amount of P125K for newly established company (less than 3 years)
  4. Must have no outstanding debt that exceeds 40% the company’s monthly income

Documentary Requirements

Pre-Accreditation Requirements:

  1. *AFS with BIR Stamp for the past 3 years or in house FS showing positive net income for the past 3 years
  2. *Latest General Information Sheet (GIS)
  3. *List of customers and suppliers with the contact person and contact number
  4. Latest 3 years – Income Tax Return (ITR) with BIR stamps
  5. Company Profile
  6. Company Application Form
  7. SEC Registration
  8. Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws
  9. Valid ID of authorized signatory
  10. *Hold amount of PHP 125K for newly established company (less than 3 years)

Post-Accreditation Requirements

  1. SBC Corporate Card Agreement (2 original copies) – One person from the company to sign as witness
  2. Corporate Secretary’s Certificate (notarized)
  3. Surety’s Undertaking (notarized)
  4. Corporate Employee Application Form (1 original copy per employee with copy of company ID)

Manage your business better with our Corporate Mastercard

Fees and Charges

Below is the table of fees and charges as of February 17, 2022

FEE Corporate Mastercard
Annual Membership Fee PHP 2,000
Interest 2% per month
Late Payment Fee PHP 1,000 (USD 20) or unpaid minimum amount due5, whichever is lower
Cash Advance Fee PHP 200 per transaction (For peso account)

USD 4 per transaction (For dollar account)

Chargelight Plan Pre-Termination Fee 5% of unbilled portion of the principal amount
Over the Counter Processing Fee PHP 500 per transaction
Payment Transfer Fee PHP 100 if transferring from a Peso account

USD 2.5 if transferring from a Dollar account

Charge Slip Retrieval Fee PHP 400 per sales slip
Lost Card Fee/Card Replacement Fee PHP 400 per card
Card Certification Fee PHP 200 for full statement of account

PHP 300 for good credit standing

Returned Check Fee PHP 1,250 for Peso per returned check

USD 25 for Dollar per returned check

Statement of Account Retrieval Fee PHP 50 per page if requested billing statement is more than 3 months old
Refund Fee PHP 500 for any amount PHP 1,000 and above

PHP 200 for any amount below PHP 1,000

Foreign Exchange Transactions All charges, advances, or amounts in currencies other than Philippine Peso (PHP) shall be converted to PHP. For dual currency, all charges, advances, or amounts in currencies other than Philippine Peso (PHP) shall be billed in US Dollar (USD). All transactions will be converted using Mastercard’s currency conversion rate at the time of posting. All converted transactions shall be charged with 1% Mastercard assessment fee and 1.5% service fee, of the rates of which may be adjusted from time to time. The service fee shall likewise apply to transactions involving foreign currencies converted to PHP at point of sale, whether executed in the Philippines, abroad, or online. Service fees may also be charged to cover costs incurred to discharge the amount(s) due to Mastercard and/or acquiring bank and/or foreign merchant affiliates
Minimum Amount Due 3% of total amount due or PHP 500 (USD 10), whichever is higher
ADA Fee PHP 250 for Peso Account, if ADA account has insufficient funds.

USD 5 for Dollar Account, if ADA account has insufficient funds.

Overlimit Fee3 PHP 500 per occurence
Account Maintenance Fee PHP 250 or amount equivalent to the credit balance whichever is lower will be charged to the accounts with credit balance that are closed or with no activity for the past 12 months.

USD 5 or amount equivalent to the credit balance whichever is lower will be charged to the accounts with credit balance that are closed or with no activity for the past 12 months.

Quasi-Cash Fee2 2.5% of transacted amount
Change in credit card statement cut-off fee4 PHP 2,000
Reinstatement Fee6 PHP 200
Overseas Card Delivery Fee Amount of fees will vary depending on the market prices of the courier and the destination
Cash Advance made overseas shall be subject to the fees of the servicing foreign franchise or bank.

2Quasi-cash fee will be applied on gaming/gambling transactions and/or transactions made at gaming/gambling establishments, including the placement of wagers, purchase of lottery tickets, gaming chips, as well as any other values in conjunction with any gaming or gambling activity.

3Overlimit fee shall be charged for card usage beyond the approved credit limit. Please refer to Credit Cards Terms and Conditions for the full description.

4Change in credit card statement cut-off fee shall be charged for every request to change your Security Bank Credit Card’s Statement Cut-off.

5Unpaid minimum amount due refers to the total minimum amount due charged against the client for the latest billing cycle. Partial payment of the minimum amount due as appearing on the SOA will not reduce the “minimum amount due” to be imposed against the client as late payment fee.

6A reinstatement fee will be charged to past due accounts and cancelled cards that have been reinstated. Please refer to Credit Cards Terms and Conditions for full description.

For bills not paid in full, the corresponding interest per card type will be applied to the Total Amount Due in your Statement of Account based on your average daily balance. A corresponding Late Payment Fee per card type will be charged to your card account if payment is not received on or before the Payment Due Date. Security Bank reserves the right to change said fees and charges from time to time with prior notice.

This product is not a deposit. This financial product of Security Bank Corporation is not insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC)

Terms and Conditions

Click here to view the full Terms and Conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Security Bank MasterCard corporate credit card?
A company guaranteed credit card issued to select employees of the company for business-related expense within the approved corporate line.

Does Security Bank MasterCard require a minimum number of employees to be issued with Security Bank MasterCard Corporate Cards per company?
There is no minimum number. The company can opt to issue just one (1) corporate card.

Who assigns credit limit(s) for employee(s)?
It is the company thru the Authorized Representative (as pre-selected) who assigns the credit limit per employee.

Does it have an installment facility?
Yes. The Corporate Cardholder(s) may use the cards for installment purchases at participating merchants

Can they avail supplementary cards?
No. The Corporate Cardholder(s) to whom a Corporate Card is issued cannot request for a supplementary card.

If purchases are made outside the Philippines, in what currency shall the company be billed?
All purchases shall be billed and paid in Philippine Pesos.

What are the payment options available for the company?
The company can pay Security Bank MasterCard via any of the following:

  • Auto-debit from the Company account
  • Over-the-counter at any of Security Bank branches nationwide
  • Digibanker (Cash Management System)

Is the annual fee waived?
Annual fee is waived for the 1st year.

Are SBC Corporate cards transferable?
SBC Corporate cards are non-transferable.

How soon can a card cancellation be effected if request is initiated by the company?
Same day on a 12noon cut-off. For lost cards, please call our 24-hour Customer Service hotline for immediate blocking.

What can the company do to ensure that all expenses made by employee cardholders are for business related activities and not for personal use?
The company should put in place the Policies and Procedures covering its Corporate Card Program. The best practice is to have the cardholder sign an agreement certifying that he/she has read and agrees to comply with the Terms and Conditions governing the use of his/her corporate card.