Retail Treasury Bonds (RTBs)

Low risk, fixed term investments issued by the Republic of the Philippines through the Bureau of the Treasury to help you invest in a better future.


Retail Treasury Bonds (RTBs) form part of the National Government’s program to make government securities available to retail investors, especially individuals.

Key features of the RTBs:

  • Earns fixed interest rate over the term of the bond
  • Interest rate is based on prevailing market rates, determined during the auction date
  • Interest is paid quarterly during the term of the bond
  • Targeted at retail and individual investors

Objectives of the RTB:

  • To enhance the Republic’s capability to fund priority projects nationwide
  • To demonstrate the prudence and commitment of the Republic to diversify fundraising programs
  • To make government securities available to retail investors, especially individuals
  • To promote financial literacy among Filipinos
  • To develop the Philippine capital market via the provision of a prudent investment with higher yields than term deposits

For more information about Retail Treasury Bonds, visit the Bureau of the Treasury‘s website.

Terms of Offering

Issuer Philippine Government through the Bureau of the Treasury (BTr)
Issue Retail Treasury Bonds Tranche 25 with Bond Exchange
Tenor 3 Years
Gross Rate 2.375% p.a
Interest Payments Quarterly
Use of Proceeds Proceeds shall be used to finance the government’s various expenditures and to refinance maturing debt obligations.
Offer Period February 9 to March 4, 2021
Issue Date March 9, 2021

Note: The Issuer reserves the right to revise the timetable. You will be advised accordingly of any change in the timetable.

Exchange Offer


ISIN Series Interest Rate Maturity Exchange Ratio
PIBD0721C574 FXTN 07-57 3.500% 20 March 2021 101.10%
PIBD1021D531 FXTN 10-53 6.500% 28 April 2021 100.10%
PIID0321F092 RTB 03-09 4.875% 13 June 2021 100.50%
PIID1021J039 RTB 10-03 5.750% 20 October 2021 101.00%
PIBD1021K551 FXTN 10-55 5.750% 24 November 2021 101.00%

Bondholders of the following securities (“Eligible Bonds”) are eligible for the Exchange Offer, which may be exchanged for the new RTB 25. On Issue Date, the face value of the Eligible Bond holdings will be exchanged for the face value of the RTB 25 based on the Exchange Ratio.

Why Invest in Retail Treasury Bonds?


Minimum investment of Php5,000

Low-Risk Investment

Direct, unconditional and general obligations of the Republic

Relatively higher yield

Offers higher fixed quarterly interest income compared to other term deposit instruments

Convenient and accessible

Available nationwide via branches of selling agent banks

Negotiable and transferable

May be easily bought and sold via the secondary market through banks or brokers

For more Inquiries you may contact

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