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You can now Reload your RFID via Security Bank Online

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Good news for our travel-loving SBC clients! In partnership with Autosweep RFID, You can now reload your RFID via Security Bank Online.

The service is free until October 31, 2021, after which a deduction of Php10.00 convenience fee for every RFID loading on top of your bill will be applied. We made a comprehensive guide on how you can settle your bills using Security Bank online. For more questions, you may refer to our FAQs here.

How to load Auto Sweep RFID using Security Bank Online

1. Open the Security Bank Online website/mobile application

2. Log in to your Security Bank Online account.

3. Click “Pay Bills” and Select “Auto Sweep RFID” as Biller.

4. On the “Account Details” type the PLATE NUMBER or the RFID CARD NUMBER found at the back of your Autosweep card.

5. Enter the Amount you want to load.

6. Click “Submit”.

7. A confirmation will be sent for a successful transaction and it will be credited in real-time.

Important notes to remember:

  • Auto-Sweep-To-Go is the PREPAID variant of the Autosweep RFID that does not require document submissions while the premium account is the fully enrolled and KYC’d RFID account.
  • Always make sure to refer to the Autosweep card details. When the plate number is being asked, an error will occur if the ATG is given. If the card is ATG, the card number should be included below the account number and should begin with either R or I. If the card is Premium, provide the plate number.

For any concerns regarding this service, you may contact us at 8887-9188.



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