DigiBanker Products and Features

Monitor and manage your company’s Security Bank accounts from one screen in real-time.

Receivables Manager

All your customer collection needs consolidated into one secure platform.


The Billing/Invoice Payment System (BIPPS) allows you to post billings and invoices to your customers. Your customers can then log-in to select which bill to pay and which mode of payment to use.

Utility E-Payment (UEP)

UEP is an online bills payment facility that simplifies the settlement process for you and your customers. Gain immediate access to funds remitted from this facility.

PDC Manager

PDC Manager allows your company to outsource the custody, monitoring, and deposit of post-dated checks (PDCs) to Security Bank.

Autodebit Collections Manager

The AutoDebit Collections Manager simplifies collections by automatically making intra-bank fund transfers from your customer’s account to yours on the agreed upon due date.


If you have an e-commerce platform, ADCM Plus lets you perform seamless collections. This decreases your need for agent and paper collections.

Payroll Solutions

Seamless integration from your payroll system all the way to your employees’ accounts.

Payroll Manager

Payroll Manager automates the credit of your employees’ to their Security Bank accounts, even on weekends and holidays.

Payroll Master

With integrated HR, Timekeeping, and Payroll modules, the software intelligently computes for all credits and deductions to generate the net pay of employees.

eGov Payments

Make government payments in real-time whenever, wherever.

PAG-IBIG ePayment

With PAG-IBIG ePayment facility, you can electronically file and pay your employees’ monthly PAG-IBIG contributions, short term loan repayments, and calamity loan payments.

SSS RealTime

SSS RealTime allows your company to efficiently process the remittance of employees’ monthly SSS contributions and loan repayments.

PhilHealth RealTime

This is the first online banking facility that is interfaced with PhilHealth’s Electronic Premium Remittance System (EPRS), which makes filing and paying your employees’ monthly contributions simpler and more efficient.

EFPS RealTime

Electronic Filing and Payments System (EFPS) RealTime simplifies the process of filing corporate taxes by allowing you to do it in advance. It also provides Double Debit Detection (3D) that alerts you of a possible double payment

PAS5 ePayment

PAS5 ePayment lets you process your shipments’ customs fees and tax payments 24/7. Using this facility accredited by the BOC, you can view payment details lodged by your broker and authorize payments prior to bank debiting.

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Vendor Payments

Choose the way you disburse your payables from a wide variety of tools.

Check Payments Manager

Through the Check Payments Manager, you can instruct the bank to prepare and release Manager’s Checks addressed to specific payees, allowing you to free up resources to focus on your core business functions.

Utility E-Payment (UEP)

Utility E-Payment (UEP) is an online facility that simplifies the way your company pays bills. From UEP, you can view relevant billing details and information, check the status of payments in real-time, and outsource the preparation of your BIR Form 2307.


The RealTime Electronic Payment System (REPS) allows you, as the payor, to initiate an online fund transfer settlement with corresponding details to an enrolled supplier.

AutoCredit Payments Manger

AutoCredit Payments Manager automates the transfer of funds from your account to your supplier’s account. Multiple authorizers can be set to ensure secure transfers.

Remittance Manager

Remittance Manager is a facility that allows your company to electronically apply for foreign and local Telegraphic Transfers (TTs) via DigiBanker.

Liquidity Management

Monitor and manage your company’s Security Bank accounts from one screen in real-time.

CASA Manager

CASA Manager is a convenient and centralized way to monitor and control your company’s operating funds. It lets you view your account balances and transfer funds in real-time, among other many useful features.

Inward Return Items Report

The Inward Return Items Report (IR2) is a facility that allows you to view and download a report on the details of your inward returned checks.

Fund Transfer

Conveniently send money to other banks or to any mobile number.


InstaPay is an electronic fund transfer service that allows you to transfer Philippine Peso funds real-time between accounts of participating banks and non-bank e-money issuers in the Philippines. The service is available 24/7, including weekends and holidays.


PESONet is a non-time sensitive fund transfer service that allows you to send Philippine Peso funds to accounts in participating banks and non-banks in the Philippines. Transactions submitted and approved within the cut-off time are batch processed for credit within the same banking day. Learn more

eGiveCash (eGC)

eGC allows you to transfer funds to any mobile number in real time even if the recipient does not have any bank account. Funds can be withdrawn using a passcode at any Security Bank ATM. Click here for a list of operational ATMs.



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