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3 Smart Reasons You Should Update Your Contact Info

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Keeping your details updated means maximizing the services of the bank. Aside from having a reliable means of contacting you, the perks you could be missing out on with every SMS blast or email advisory could prove costly and wasteful.

Here are 3 smart reasons why you should update your contact information now.

1. Fraud Protection

We visit a ton of websites a day, make online purchases like no one’s business, and transact with countless merchants using our debit/credit cards that it’s become part of a routine. It’s the essence of owning a credit card after all – faster payments without the cash.

What you should keep in mind though, is the possibility that you too can fall victim to fraudulent acts. Over 15.4 million consumers were victims of fraud and identity theft last 2016, with the highest number of incidences coming from online transactions. Not having to present a physical credit card opened up an opportunity for fraudsters to exploit on.

For an added layer of protection, Security Bank introduced its 3D Secure One-Time Password (OTP), a new security feature that sends a unique 6-digit password to your registered mobile number. An OTP can’t be reused, and expires after three minutes. To learn more about 3D Secure OTP, click here.

2. Important Reminders and Advisories

Not updating your contact info means missing out on important reminders, such as SMS updates on your upcoming credit card due date, SOA delivery, and other time-sensitive prompts. An updated contact info is even more imperative for those who don’t receive a paper statement of account (Complete Cashback and Click cardholders for instance) and rely through electronic means.

3. Exclusive Promos and Benefits

You could be missing out on special promotions and benefits that are exclusive to Security Bank clients. We send out exciting promos and deals on Travel, Dining, and Shopping, as well as relevant financial and lifestyle articles through our blog newsletter. Stay updated with the latest bank offerings and limited-time offers, get market updates and investment tips, and be the first to know about upcoming projects and developments.

It’s easy to update your contact information. Aside from the security features, reminders, and promos catered to you, you’ll be in the know with all things Security Bank.



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