Human Switch Kit

Can’t go to the branch? We’ll go to you instead!

We know you're not happy with your bank...

But going to a branch can be time-consuming.

So to make it easier, we'll come to you instead!

Meet Adriana,
the Human Switch Kit.

She makes opening an account easy!
She will meet you at your convenience–be it at home, office or even a coffee shop.

If you’re not familiar with how Switch Kit works, scroll down for instructions.

How to Use the Switch Kit

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  1. Scroll down this page for the Switch Kit form or click the “Start your application” button above.
  2. Completely fill out the form and click “Switch”
  3. Wait for a message from our Human Switch Kit. He/she will schedule an appointment with you.
  4. Sit back and we’ll take care of the rest!

Let’s get started

Switch Kit Form

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Hear from those who’ve switched!

“I moved all my deposits to Security Bank last year after I applied for a credit card. My card was approved and delivered within a week – I was so impressed I decided to give you guys a try! I love the way there are no deposit forms to fill out any more and how easy the online banking and mobile app facilities are to use. Best of all, as a Gold Circle member, I can withdraw at non-Security Bank ATM without fees.”


Kapitolyo, Pasig

“My family has banked with Security Bank ever since I was a kid. It was really interesting seeing Security Bank after the rebranding – I noticed a lot of changes like how the branches became a lot friendlier and easier to transact in. At one point, I was surprised to find out that we didn’t have to fill out deposit slips anymore – it was just so much more convenient. Eventually, I opened my own personal account at Security Bank. It took me 10 minutes to open my account – seriously!”


Libis, Q.C.

“I’m officially an SB fan. I liked the ATM SMS alerts but I love the mobile app. It’s easy to pay bills (no enrolling at the branch like other banks) and send money. Plus, I was given my Mastercard debit card the same day I opened my account. So far my experience has been great. Keep it up, SB!”


Makati City

“I’ve lived in the Philippines for more than 10 years but I’m Japanese. I kept seeing the Human Switch Kit ads on Facebook and finally decided to give it a try. I sent a quick inquiry online and the branch called me within 10 minutes! Talk about express service.”


Makati City

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Human Switch Kit?
We will send someone from your preferred branch to personally assist you with your account opening. This means that this person will schedule meetings with you to claim your necessary documents and facilitate your account opening. After your account is opened, this person will also deliver your passbook and/or ATM card to you.

How long will it take the Human Switch Kit to get in touch with me?
Depending on when you made your web request, the Human Switch Kit should get in touch with you within the next banking day through the contact details you have provided. Expect a call within this time period. If it has been longer than a banking day, you can follow up with the emails indicated in your confirmation email.

How will I ensure that the person I meet really is from Security Bank?
When the Human Switch Kit contacts you, he/she will verify the unique reference number sent to you by our system. During the meeting, he/she will also bring the following:

  • Security Bank ID
  • Business Card
  • Endorsement Letter printed in SBC letter head and signed by the Business Manager

You may also call our branch for confirmation.

What kind of accounts can I open through the Human Switch Kit?
Besides the All-Access Account, you can also open the following accounts:

  • Easy Account
  • BusinessPlus Account
  • Build-Up Savings Account
  • Premium Build-Up Savings Account
  • Jr. One Savings Account
  • ISIC (for students only)

Please take note that the requirements for these accounts may vary. You can ask your Human Switch Kit for the requirements of the different accounts.

How long will it take for my account to be opened?
Your account will be opened the next banking day after your meeting with the Human Switch Kit.

What documents do I have to prepare for my meeting with the Human Switch Kit?
For personal accounts, you only need a photocopy of 1 valid ID.

How will I deposit the opening and maintaining balance into my new account?
You can perform an interbank fund transfer but only with BancNet member banks. Please take note that some accounts have maintaining balances different from the opening balance so you will have to personally deposit more funds over-the-counter to avoid penalties.

You can also fund your new account through a check payable to your name, and your Human Switch Kit will deposit it for you. (No checks payable to ‘Cash’ please)

Deposits are insured by PDIC up to P500,000 per depositor