Multiple Offer Form

General Guidelines:

  • Cash basis and direct buyers only
  • Place bids in the car list provided below;
  • Upload the car list in the form
  • Multiple buyers are required to pursue at least 50% of their awarded units. Otherwise, the Bank shall temporarily disqualify them from bidding on the succeeding tabulations and they will not be included in the re-awarding process.
  • Offers of bidders with up to first degree of consanguinity, including common-law spouses, shall be considered as one offer. The Bank will capture only the highest offer.
  • If the highest bidder decides not to pursue the unit, then the Bank shall re-award it to the 2nd highest bidder, up to the 10th highest acceptable bid. If the unit remains unsold, the unit will be part of another sale via a different channel.
Personal Information
Name suffix can be added here. e.g. Dela Cruz Jr.
Please upload your bids using the Car List Template you can download above.
Tracking Fields