SB-UITF Regular Subscription Plan (RSP)

Planning your investments, now made easier.


The SB Unit Investment Trust Fund – Regular Subscription Plan (RSP) allows you to invest in your SB UITF account on your preferred dates without going to the branch each time you top up.

  • Automatically top up your investment up to 2x per month on your preferred schedule per each of your SB Fund/s.
  • Enjoy top-ups for a minimum of ₱5,000 or as low as $100* Dollar Denominated UITFs.
  • Enjoy zero enrollment and cancellation charges.

*$100 for SB Dollar Bond Fund; $500 for Dollar Feeder Funds.



Minimum Set Amount Minimum of:

– PHP 5,000 for Peso UITFs

– USD 100 for SB Dollar Bond Fund

– USD 500 for Dollar Feeder Funds

Frequency Maximum of 2 dates per month for contributions to be automatically debited from your account*

*If the date falls on a holiday, weekend or a non-banking day, your account will be debited on the next banking day.

Benefits of SB UITF-RSP

Automatic Savings

The RSP’s auto-debit facility regularly sets aside funds for immediate investment.

Cost Averaging

Spread your cost between the highs and lows of the market.


One-time submission of RSP enrollment form (valid up to 3 years). Enrollment form is available online and in all branches nationwide.

How does the Regular Subscription Plan work?


Fill out the RSP Form

The enrollment form is available online and in all branches nationwide

Set your preferred top-up amount

Refer to the table here

Choose your preferred dates for contribution

You can set a maximum of up to two (2) dates per month.

Submit the filled-out form to your branch of account.



You have to sign the Money Transfer Application Form (MTAF) every time you top up your UITF.


Through the SB UITF – Regular Subscription Plan, the MTAF that is required to be signed and submitted is no longer needed which makes it more convenient for you. The RSP form is valid for up to 3 years.

Start planning your investments

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I enroll in the SB UITF-RSP?

The RSP Enrollment Form may be downloaded from the corporate website here. You may also visit your SBC branch of account and request for an RSP enrollment form. Fill out the form, affix your signature and submit to the designated UITF Sales Person or Branch Customer Advisor.

2. Can I nominate another deposit account where the scheduled subscription will be debited?

Your scheduled top-ups will only be debited from your SB UITF’s designated settlement account.

3. Can I immediately enroll in RSP upon account opening?

Yes. You just need to accomplish the RSP enrollment form in the UITF Account Opening Kit.

4. What will happen to my scheduled top-up if my CASA is insufficiently funded?

The scheduled top-up will not push through. The next subscription will be attempted on the next scheduled top-up date. No penalty charges will be deducted to your account on failed subscriptions.

5. Will I be notified of each RSP subscription?

Yes. Confirmation of Participation (COP) will be issued via email every successful top-up/subscription (same process with manual top-ups).

6. What will trigger the automatic cancellation of the my RSP enrollment?

If your CASA is unfunded/ insufficiently funded for 5 consecutive scheduled subscription dates.

7. How can an investor compare the performance of the trustee versus other trust entities?

All trust entities offering UITF products are required to publish the fund’s prevailing NAVPU as well as the year-on-year and the year-to-date return on investment in major dailies at least once a week. The investor should, however, compare performance of products with similar investment parameters for a more objective evaluation.

8. What will happen if my scheduled subscription date falls on a holiday, weekend, or non-banking day?

Your CASA will be debited on the immediately next banking day. For example:
RSP Date: May 30 – Holiday; debit will be on June 1.