Mastercard®Travel Rewards

Enjoy exclusive offers from participating global merchants when you use your enrolled Mastercard credit card.

Rewards for travelers like you

Enjoy exclusive, automatic cashback offers from participating overseas merchants when you travel, shop and pay with your enrolled Security Bank Mastercard. Explore the wide range of international merchants and offers available where you can enjoy the benefits as an enrolled Mastercard cardholder.

How it works


Travel to any of the international Mastercard Travel Rewards destinations


Shop with participating merchants using the currency shown in the offer and pay with your enrolled Mastercard

Be Rewarded

Enjoy automatic cash back on eligible purchases, processed as a credit on your issuing bank’s next regular statement

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mastercard Travel Rewards?
Mastercard Travel Rewards offers Mastercard cardholders enrolled in the program access to a range of exclusive and cashback offers whenever they travel or shop. Simply pay with a Mastercard at participating overseas merchants online or instore to participate.

What is a “qualifying transaction” or “eligible purchase”?
A qualifying transaction or eligible purchase is one where a cardholder makes a purchase that meets the cashback offer’s published criteria. These criteria include the use of an enrolled Mastercard at a participating merchant, paying in the specified currency, and satisfying all of the applicable terms and conditions stated in the offer’s advertising. Dynamic currency conversion transactions are not eligible for Mastercard Travel Rewards offers.

Can I earn cashback from purchases in my home country with Mastercard Travel Rewards?
For all offers that are specified as “spend in-store”, you need to travel to the advertised destination to be eligible for the offer.

For offers that are specified for “spend online” you can qualify for the offer in your home country provided you make a purchase using an enrolled Mastercard and at a participating merchant while using the offer’s specified currency and meeting all of the cashback offer’s applicable advertised terms.

Do I need to enroll in Mastercard Travel Rewards?
Individual Mastercard cardholders do not need to enrol or register with the program, as your bank will look after that process. Once your bank has determined your eligibility and introduced you to Mastercard Travel Rewards, all eligible cashback transactions will be processed automatically. To check if your Mastercard is eligible, simply contact the bank that issued your card.

How is the cashback processed? Do I need to do anything to make sure it is processed?
Mastercard will work directly with your bank to ensure all cashback payments from eligible transactions are processed without your involvement. Cardholders do not need to complete any forms. The processing of cashback offers is undertaken by Mastercard systems and presented as a credit on your card statement.

Is the cashback processed immediately at the point of sale?
The cashback is not processed immediately and will not reduce the purchase price of goods and services at the point of sale. The processing of cashback offers is undertaken quickly, but not instantly, by automated Mastercard systems, and appears as a credit on your card statement.

Is there a limit on the number of purchases I can make with each merchant brand?
The terms and conditions of each offer are specified on the program website. Simply check these terms and conditions on each offer as they have different validity periods.

What if I receive my card statement and I have not been credited any cashback from a qualifying transaction?
For cardholder support and enquiries related to Mastercard Travel Rewards, please contact your bank. They will assist you with:

  1. General enquiries and support
  2. Transaction-related queries
  3. Lost or stolen cards

To see the full FAQs from Mastercard, click here.