SB Finance is committed to provide fast and easy access to loans for Filipino families

Parenting during the pandemic isn’t easy. Juggling parental responsibilities while working from home can be exhausting, on top of that, monthly household bills need to be addressed promptly. 


Many people have explored other ways to supplement their income — such as starting an online business. They may ask, however, “How do I start and hit the ground running?”


If you’re looking for quick ways of getting the extra money to start that business or pay for those financial obligations, SB Finance’s (SBF’s) zukì mobile app may be your suking option.


“Our vision at SB Finance is to be the trusted and preferred financial partner to Filipinos empowering them to make financial decisions for their present needs. Part of that vision is to deliver a customer-centric digital journey through our newly launched mobile app, zukì, said Abbie Casanova, President & CEO of SB Finance.


The zukì mobile app offers special loans for your and your family’s special needs. There’s Car4Cash, where car owners can have quick access to cash by just allowing SB Finance to safe-keep original copies of their car’s Official Receipt and Certificate of Registration (OR/CR). There’s also Personal Loan—a collateral-free, multi-purpose loan up to PHP2 million for your immediate financial needs.

“We don’t realize that, as work-from-home has become a new standard, we have an unproductive asset right under our noses — the vehicle parked in our garage that is being utilized less than 30% of the time. Make that asset work for you by availing of our Car4Cash loan where you can get the cash you need and still keep using your car,” says Lovely Galang, SB Finance’s Head of Sales & Distribution of Secured Loans

With zukì, SB Finance aims to improve customers’ financial literacy and provide them an easy-to-understand, needs-based, digital consumer experience. The app is easy, secured, and accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any smart phone. The zukì mobile app is a scalable cloud-based mobile solution running on one of the top cloud platform providers globally.

Jericho Catu, SB Finance’s Chief Information Officer, also tells us how being on the cloud is essential these days. “The cloud is no longer an option but a necessity for rapid growing businesses, not only to be competitive in the current financial industry landscape, but more importantly, to be flexible in responding to the changing needs and preferences of existing and future customers. It allows for agility, flexibility and immediate scalability” he says.

On top of that, families transitioning to digital transactions need not fear. SB Finance has strengthened its security for customers using the app, with eKYC, location detection, liveness checks, and facial recognition. These functionalities aim to protect SBF customers from identity fraud.

zukì also introduces two new products that can help families and individuals:

  • For families who need deferred payments, SB Finance offers Hooloogan — a credit line for customers to purchase items at partner merchants and avail of cash loans from PHP10,000 to PHP200,000 payable in easy installment terms. Customers can also use Hooloogan to avail of instant cash which can be paid a minimum of 10% monthly.
  • For enthusiasts who would wish to buy their own motorcycles for convenience or leisure, there’s MotorsikLOAN — a specialized loan product with monthly interest rates for as low as 1.2% to 2.47%.

SB Finance, launched in 2021, is a partnership between two Asian financial giants, Security Bank Corporation and Bank of Ayudhya (Krungsri) of Thailand, with a focus to help Filipinos from all walks of life. Embodying their “Dito, pwede!” tagline, SB Finance is determined to uplift Filipino families’ through their financial services.

For more information, download the zukì mobile app or visit or