Payments Made Simpler with Security Bank’s SimplyPay!

The new normal has ushered in ways designed for us to thrive while in quarantine, such as accomplishing our transactions through cashless payments.

Because of this, we find ourselves using our credit cards more often to conveniently purchase essentials and settle bills without compromising our family’s health.

Unfortunately, most credit cards cannot cover payments for all your needs as some billers require other payment methods, particularly bank-to-bank deposits. This can be a hassle for most of us, right?

Not if you are a Security Bank credit cardholder. You don’t need to worry about paying these bills because we are bringing convenience right at your fingertips!

Introducing SimplyPay, the newest Security Bank credit card feature that allows you to settle payments through bank deposits. It is a secure and fuss-free way to take care of your rent, tuition fees, insurance payments, and even hospital bills — all within 6 banking days!

To make it even better, SimplyPay offers flexible payment options especially for big purchases up to P500,000. You may opt to settle your balance in full or through installment from 3 to 12 months with add-on rates that won’t hurt your pocket!

Ready to enjoy this new and simple way to pay? If you are a principal cardholder of a Security Bank Mastercard credit card with a good credit standing and an active or current status, you can start using SimplyPay right now!

Discover the convenience of paying your bills in the new normal with Security Bank.

Learn more about Security Bank’s SimplyPay here.

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