Megan Young on Finding the Perfect Partner

“Not a lot of people know that I’m an avid gamer myself. People find it unconventional! They’re surprised and amused to know that about me,” begins Megan Young, who is currently playing League of Legends, Pokemon and Stardew Valley.

Megan Young learned that life is about making the right choices and pursuing one’s passion. “If there’s one thing that gaming taught me that is learn how to plan ahead and strategize,” says Megan.

One of the most celebrated Filipinas, Megan continues to have a rewarding career as an actress, host, beauty queen and content creator. As a new wife to Mikael Daez and with new projects coming her way, Megan says that the past couple of weeks have been busier than usual.

“I’m able to balance everything because I found the perfect partner. Unlike in online games, we only have one chance at life and so it is important to have the right support system – not just your life-partner but also your career, business or financial partners,” shares Megan.

“Years ago, I made the choice to switch to Security Bank. That was 2013. Since then, banking has been one less thing I worry about. I have more time to spend with people I love and pursue my interests such as traveling and gaming. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t be able to discover my passion for gaming if not for the time that was freed up,” she says, recalling the first time she delved into the world of online games.

This statement comes as no surprise. Security Bank offers products and services that take into consideration convenience and the customers’ needs. BetterBanking™ – the Bank’s trademark brand promise – allows customers to have more time for the things they love by making banking easier.

The Bank continues to occupy the Philippine retail banking space with innovative products such as the award-wining All Access Account, which is both a savings and checking account.

“My whole family, even Mikael, banks with them. This brings me peace of mind, knowing that they are being taken care of by the same financial partner I trust,” admits Megan. All Access comes with free life insurance up to PHP 3 million with no medical exams required, which she and her family find very valuable.

Moreover, with just 1 valid ID, customers can open an account with Security Bank. All Access already comes with free passbook, debit MasterCard and checkbook upon availment. This saves customers the hassle of individually applying for different products.

Customers like Megan who are usually on the go can take advantage of the features of the Security Bank mobile app. Megan says, “Online banking is my saving grace nowadays. During tapings, I do my financial transactions in between takes. I can even bank while gaming, streaming or while I’m on vacation abroad with Mikael.”

“I’m thankful I get to live the life I want, and that is a reward of BetterBanking,” she adds.

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