Fin Tech Asia Cites Security DigiBanker”s Technical Innovation

Security Bank known as one of the country”s most profitable Bank is also widely recognized for its innovative products and financial services. Digibanker, Security Bank”s cash management system continues to set the benchmark for similar systems in the market. It offers a wide range of product suites and modules that are easy to use to enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Its superiority in the market was reinforced when it received another award for technical innovation from the prestigious Fin Tech Asia Award. Digibanker”s Billing/Invoice Presentment and Payment System (BIPPS) received a special citation from Financial Insights during the Financial Insights Innovation Awards (FIIA) held in Singapore. BIPPS, the lone Philippine entry from over 100 entries from the financial services industry in the Asia Pacific region, is a fully customized, internet-based electronic invoice presentment and payment system. It offers a straight-through order-payment settlement process for institutions and their trading partners.

This inventive settlement facility is just one of the many customized solutions under Security DigiBanker, a corporate internet banking platform featuring the bank”s complete product suite of operating funds management solutions. Security DigiBanker is especially designed to meet the exacting cash management needs of large to medium-size corporations.

“This recognition affirms Security Bank”s commitment in providing customized, innovative and technology-based solutions to a client”s particular need,” Security Bank President and CEO Alberto S. Villarosa said.

Financial Insights, the global leader in providing strategic advice, custom research and consulting services for the financial services industry, acknowledges various financial services firms across the Asia Pacific region in exemplifying innovative business strategies and product development as well as the application of technology in day-to-day business operations.

Security Bank first received a special citation from FIAA for its E-Collect product entry during the 2007 FIIA also held in Singapore.