Filipino Heritage Festival Inc. and Security Bank celebrate National Heritage Month

Security Bank Corporation, in partnership with the Filipino Heritage Festival Inc. (FHFI), celebrates the National Heritage Month with the theme “Victory and Humanity: Upholding Filipino Heritage and Identity.”

This year’s theme commemorates the 500th anniversary of two important events in Philippine history: the victory at Mactan and the first circumnavigation of the world. The celebration highlights the Filipinos’ bravery in their quest for freedom, and their humanity towards others.

“Cultural heritage is steeped in a country’s history and identity. By celebrating National Heritage Month, Filipinos can uphold and promote its rich culture, especially to the younger generation,” said Security Bank President and CEO Sanjiv Vohra. “By remembering milestones in Philippine history and encouraging the youth to participate in cultural activities, we hope that more Filipinos have a newfound appreciation of their roots and take pride in their identity.”

This year’s national heritage festival features online competitions, virtual presentations, webinars and performances to be hosted by various institutions. For its part, Security Bank is co-sponsoring a youth essay-writing contest and co-sponsoring an online trivia game that will run until May 31.

“As leaders and role models, we all must strive to utilize every opportunity available to us to reinforce the values and beliefs that we hold dear. Traditions are important for they remind us that we are part of a history that defines our past, and shapes who we are today. We hope that the line-up of Filipino Heritage Festival online activities prepared this May inspire us all to give more value to our culture and to have a great sense of pride for being a Filipino especially in this time of pandemic,” says Armita Rufino, President of the Filipino Heritage Festival.

A virtual tour presented by the Ayala Museum on their YouTube channel is available to the public until August 31, 2021. To know more about the National Heritage Month and Security Bank’s initiatives on education, you may visit or