Employee wellness and growth a top priority for Security Bank

In a recorded video posted on the bank’s Youtube channel, SVP and Group Head for Human Capital Management, Nerissa Berba discussed the importance of getting employee feedback in any program that the bank is rolling out to its employees.

As various disruptions continue to change the way people work, Security Bank Corporation has implemented various safety, learning, and wellness programs to ensure that employees remain protected, productive, and healthy in all aspects.

With multiple studies showing the ill effects of the COVID-19 pandemic to the overarching health of the country’s workforce, Security Bank continues to adopt an employee-focused approach to wellness with individualized solutions to address differing needs.

Making employee voice heard

The voice of employees plays an important role in allowing the bank to assess, plan, decide and roll out programs and initiatives that ultimately care for its people. Allowing employees to speak their mind and share with management their thoughts is a must.

Security Bank uses multiple channels such as weekly conversations with line managers and ideas solicitation through surveys, while capitalizing on company pulse aggregator Glint for efficient data gathering.

“We listen to the voice of employees using various channels and technology like Glint. This platform allows us to take real-time and quick “pulses” on how our employees are doing and what their views are on things that matter most to them at work. The voice of our employees plays an important role in deciding what programs and initiatives we undertake to care for our people,” says Tetel Fernandez, Talent Management Head at Security Bank.

Ensuring the holistic well-being of employees

Putting safety at the forefront of its operations, the Bank immediately rolled out Work from Home (WFH) arrangements. With new challenges brought about by the pandemic, the Bank knew that it had to pivot faster and come up with programs to effectively ensure the well-being of employees in a holistic and well-rounded manner.

Enabling employees to take control of their health and ensure continued professional development, the Bank recently partnered with health care provider Mind You and LinkedIn Learning. Mind You’s mental healthcare solutions help employees to effectively deal with change, cope with stress, and prioritize self-care. Employees have been provided with access to unlimited psychological counselling sessions, online learning material, and wellness webinars, among others.

“Knowing what and how our employees feel towards working in the new normal is important for us at Security Bank. It allows us to develop relevant policies and initiatives that empower our employees to work effectively, and in the best possible situations that keep them physically, mentally and emotionally safe,” says SVP for Human Capital Management Nerissa Berba.

LinkedIn Learning (LiL) provides users with access to thousands of online modules covering a wide range of topics. Given the restrictions brought on by the current pandemic, LiL gives Security Bankers the freedom to learn new skills at their convenience with courses that are accessible anytime and anywhere. Security Bank is also the first local bank to partner with one of the world’s foremost digital education platforms.

“Apart from checking on the pulse of our employees, we want to ensure that every Security Banker is given opportunities to upskill. Our proactive approach to taking care of our people allows us to continuously provide BetterBanking services to our clients. These HCM initiatives are just some of the ways we strengthen and empower our workforce and help them become future-ready. This is part of our roadmap to becoming the most-customer centric bank in the Philippines,” adds Berba.

Further, with the Bank’s vaccination program in full swing, majority of Security Bank’s over 6900 strong population are fully vaccinated as of October 2021. Employees whose vaccination schedules fall on a weekday are encouraged to take paid leaves to give them sufficient time to rest. The Bank is expecting to receive another fresh batch of Moderna mRNA vaccines this month, which will be used to inoculate remaining unvaccinated employees and their dependents.

In the coming months, Security Bank’s Human Capital Management group is set to roll out more employee wellness services for the benefit of its growing workforce.