CATS Motors, Inc. ties up with SB Rental Corporation to provide customers alternative car financing program

CATS Motors, Inc., Philippine General Distributor of Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Jeep® and Dodge, in partnership with SB Rental Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of SB Capital Investment Corporation(a member of the Security Bank Group), now offers a more convenient way of acquiring a luxury car with the Star Lease Program, which will be available for the Mercedes-Benz brand.

 With the shifting trend of car ownership to car usage, car leasing best suits clients who frequently change their cars every two to three years. Filipinos can now enjoy the freedom from ownership worries. The burden of high monthly payments, maintenance costs and low resale value from your vehicle’s depreciation will now be a thing of the past.

 The customer has three options:

1.)    Extend the vehicle lease
2.)    Return the car and lease a different unit, or
3.)    Return the car and end the contract at the end of the lease term

 Leasing a car also equates to monthly payments 50% cheaper than having your vehicle financed. Furthermore, a detailed and comprehensive Wear and Tear Guide will be given to clients to ensure clarity and fair understanding between the lessee and lease company.

 With this new finance platform, operational leasing terms can be customized for corporate or individual requirements. “Now partnered with SB Rental, our vision is to fulfill customer aspirations by opening a range of mobility solutions customized to fit your dreams within your financial plan,” says Felix R. Ang; President, CATS Motors Inc.

 “As a member of one of the country’s leading financial groups, SB Rental focuses on delivering relevant, differentiated leasing solutions.” SB Rental Chairman and Security Bank President and CEO Alberto S. Villarosa said during the MOA signing. The Star Lease Program provides a compelling alternative option for clients to experience the premium Mercedes-Benz brand without a down payment or processing fee. “Our lease program puts you in control. This customizable lease provides options to set the residual value based on our customers’ requirements.” Villarosa added.

Benefits from the 36-month operational leasing product include the following:

  • No vehicle depreciation risks
  • No high downpayment, just a 10% guarantee deposit
  • No payment for chattel mortgage
  • Fixed affordable monthly payments protected from re-pricing
  • Monthly payments include LTO registration, car insurance and taxes
  • Monthly payments also include full maintenance, replacement and servicing from batteries, tires and more
  • With this partnership, clients are assured of security, transparency, and the highest quality of service in every transaction

 To know more about the easiest way to drive a new premium car, visit or call any CATS Motors dealership now, or call SB Rental at 463-3000.