Added flexibility for home loan payments offered

Security Bank’s new Fantastic Elastic Home Loan offers flexible payment schemes that allow overpayments (excess payments) or underpayments on home loans, with no extra charges.

Taking out a loan on a home is a big decision, and this feature gives future homeowners the financial flexibility to opt to pay less if their budget is a little tight, or pay up to 25% of their principal balance in advance if they have extra funds on hand. There is also an option to skip one month amortization every year. Homeowners may choose a month when expenses run high such as school enrollment season or on a scheduled annual family vacation. This is on top of the low interest rates that start at 5.25 percent p.a. for one year.

Those who are looking to buy new homes, construct and renovate houses, refinance old mortgages or avail of home equity loans can check out product features of Security Bank Fantastic Elastic Home Loan on their website at Apply online and learn more about eligibility, rates, and loan types. Applicants can calculate loanable amount and interest payments using the online calculator. Complete and submit applications online and get an approval in five days or less.

Check out Security Bank’s Fantastic Elastic Home Loan and own your dream home the easy and convenient way.