Email Terms and Conditions

Email Confirmation Service Terms And Conditions
  1. Upon opening of Time Deposit through SBC branches, the Depositor accepts the responsibility of notifying Security Bank of any change in his/her residence, office, billing or e-mail address.
  2. Security Bank reserves the right to change the time and frequency of the e-mail service as it sees fit without prior notice.
  3. The e-mail service shall send the e-mail messages only to the e-mail that the Depositor has indicated in Bank’s forms. Any requests from the Depositor to direct the confirmation to a different e-mail address must be evidenced by a new enrollment form sent to Security Bank for approval.
  4. The customer acknowledges that failure in communication facilities and technical issues may result in the delay in transmission and dispatch of the electronic Certificate of Time Deposit (CTD) by way of this service.
  5. In case of any error in the electronic CTDs that are already generated and delivered to Depositor’s e-mail address/es, the same shall not be recalled automatically. Security Bank shall instead inform the Depositor as soon as reasonably practicable of the error and then generate and send the corrected electronic CTD to the Depositor’s designated e-mail address/es.
  6. Security Bank may send promotional announcement/s as attachment/s to the e-mail message from time to time.
  7. Security Bank may terminate, cancel, amend, or modify any or all of the Terms and Conditions herein set forth upon a 30-day written notice to the Depositors.
  8. The email confirmation shall not be determinative of the balance to the credit of the Depositor’s account unless verified by the Bank after comparison with its books and records.
  9. Security Bank shall not be faulted should the Depositor not receive the e-mail confirmation for reason that the Depositor’s e-mail account is full, Depositor’s internet service is down, Depositor’s internet account is disabled, etc.
  10. Should the confirmation fall into the hands of unauthorized persons for any reason whatsoever, the Depositor shall hold Security Bank free and harmless for any and all liabilities, suits, claims for damages, losses arising therefrom or in connection therewith.
  11. Computer viruses can be transmitted by email. The Depositor should check the e-mail and attachments for the presence of viruses. Security Bank accepts no liability for damage caused by any virus transmitted in the email.
  12. The Depositor hereby holds Security Bank free and harmless from any liability, claims or damages that may arise or which the Depositor may suffer, as a result of, in connection with, or relevant to the delay, performance or non-performance by the company of this e-mail service.