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5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Bank Account Secure

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Your bank account is your responsibility. It should be as important as your personal belongings such as keys, wallets, and mobile phone. When compromised, you could lose thousands and even millions in pesos stored in your account. While banks can offer their help, it is better if you exercise vigilance and take the extra step in securing your account. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

Nowadays, fraudsters found other creative ways in getting your bank account details. These are from the form of sending emails and text messages in the hopes that you take the bait. Or even skim your card information when you are not looking around. As bad as it may sound, you can protect and secure your account by just following these simple tips.

Safeguard your checkbook, debit cards, credit cards

Keep an eye on your checkbook, debit cards, and credit card at all times. Always know where they are. In case you lost it outside, notify your financial institution immediately so that your card can be put on hold or canceled.

Furthermore, be wary of card skimmers that try to steal your card information. These can happen in a regular coffee shop or restaurant when you are not looking.

Never pre-sign blank bank instruments and documents

It may appear convenient in the onset, but keeping blank pre-signed checks or bank forms can lead to “unauthorized” transactions when misplaced or mishandled.

Always verify transactions made

There are many ways to validate transactions done for you by your authorized representative. Aside from asking for a print-validated universal transaction slip, you may also check your account using your online banking access, or run a balance inquiry via ATM.

Never share your bank details with anyone

Never share bank login details, card information such as CVV and expiry date, or personal identification numbers (PIN) to anyone. If you have to write them down, make sure to keep it safe and not obvious to fraudsters in case it gets misplaced. Please remember that your PIN, CVV, OTP are some ways the bank can confirm that the transaction is being authorized by the account/cardholder.

Stay vigilant

Finally, scammers try to target us when we are at most vulnerable. These can be when we are enjoying ourselves in a bar or a restaurant, or when we are too occupied doing something else. A lot of card breaches happen when we least expect it.

Also, don’t trust too much when someone asks for your information. It won’t hurt if you ask a lot of questions and verify things.

If you notice fraudulent activity on your bank account, notify your financial institution immediately. For Security Bank clients, please call our helpline at 8887-9188. Alternatively, if you notice scammers at work, always contact the police.



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