Pros & Cons: The Best Car Type for Your Needs

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There are several types of cars in the market right now. Different bodies and styles have been made available by car manufacturers all around the world ever since the boom of the automotive industry especially during these modern times. Catering to the needs of their customers offering state-of-the-art innovations in speed, reliability, and safety.

Indeed, a wide selection is given to the buyer and it depends on what he/she wants though we can post a question about which car type is best for me? Which of these car types will give me the best result regarding my lifestyle and needs? Which of these will I get my value’s worth?

Then you come to the right place! This is your guide in choosing the best car type for your needs.


These cars are great for handling and are very affordable to buy and maintain. Maneuvering around the city is a piece of cake since these cars are built to move within tight city streets and parking. Also, they offer great cargo space due to their design which allows the user to continually fit items as long its plausible within their trunk. They also offer great fuel economy whether driving around the city or to places outside the norm.

The drawbacks are likely that they offer little space for passengers and due to their size, they are underpowered as compared to the rest of the car types. They also have low ground clearances which means that they can’t be used in off-roading and your underchassis would likely be at risk when overloaded due to the driving conditions that are present in the Philippines but still, these cars are perfect for soloists, small families, and couples.


They excel in comfort, versatility, and fuel efficiency. These cars are likely the ones that most people choose due to their availability and maneuverability. They offer better fuel efficiency when compared to bigger cars. Also, they are great in comfortability as they offer better seating capacity as compared to hatchbacks.

The cons of getting a sedan are that they have little boot space as compared to hatchbacks or SUVs since you can fit your items in the trunk provided which doesn’t offer continuity or make use of spaces beside the one provided. Also, these cars are low to the ground, so they are not great when it comes to having proper ground clearance, especially for bigger families. These care are recommended for soloists, small to medium-sized families, and couples.


These car types are in right now because they give a boatload of features that almost everyone needs in a car. Providing spaciousness to passengers and maneuverability which its enhanced handling which has been improved by car makers as time goes by. They also have the capacity to tow cars due to features such as 4×4 which helps in increasing the torque of all wheels which can also be used in off-roading along with its higher ground clearance.

Though these cars have a ton of pros, they are more expensive to maintain due to it having more features and bigger engine displacements along with computers that help the car run. They are also harder to park and drive around the city due to their size and will also be higher when it comes to fuel consumption. These care are great for adventurers, medium to large-sized families, and enthusiasts.


They are great when it comes to having tons of space for passengers and items you need to carry around. They are quite comfortable due to their designs which make use of every inch that they have. Also, their features are built around their users such as having more aircon vents, better seats, and sliding doors to name a few which makes it easier for the passengers.

These cars are harder to drive around the city especially in small spaces since they are bigger and longer than the rest of the car types. Of course, being bigger means it is less fuel efficient as compared to the others, and are quite notorious when it comes to their designs and handling. These are recommended for cargos and big families.

Pick-Up Trucks

They are designed to be multifunctional whether for towing/hauling, off-roading, or just transporting you family around the city or province. These cars offer a robust design that makes use of the large cargo space that they have along with its stiff suspensions. This car type is what you can call a true workhorse to put it into perspective.

The “negatives” are that they are hard to maneuver around since they are large and longer as compared to the other car types. More expensive to maintain due to having more parts along with the parts’ sizes. They offer less comfortability due to it maximizing their cargo space and their stiff ride conditions. These are recommended to medium families, haulers, and off-road enthusiasts.


These are some of the pros and cons of different car types that are offered in the market today.  It is best to choose the one that fits your lifestyle and needs as they will be your companion in the years to come. As long as you take care of your automobile in the process, you are most likely to get your money’s worth when it comes to choosing the best type of car for your needs.



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