How to Pay for SSS Under the New Electronic Collection System

Please be advised that SSS has recently launched their Electronic Collection System to allow real-time crediting of payments and contributions. As such, members are now required to register an online My.SSS account to generate a Payment Reference Number (PRN) as the subscriber/reference number when paying via Security Bank Online.

For business clients using Security Bank Digibanker, we are pleased to inform you that you can continue paying for your SSS contributions using the SSS RealTime module. For clients who are not yet enrolled to SSS RealTime, please contact your account officer or proceed to your servicing branch to enroll.

For clients who wish to enjoy hassle-free payments of their SSS contributions online, we urge you to open a BusinessPlus account to get immediate access to Security Bank DigiBanker. Click here to learn more about our Business Account.

Rest assured that Security Bank is giving this requirement the utmost priority in order to provide you with a Better Banking experience. Here are the steps for registration and payment:

For Non-DigiBanker Clients

To register an SSS account online:
1. Access the SSS website. Note that you would need to use Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or Microsoft EDGE browsers.
2. Click on the My.SSS tab
3. Click on Member Registration
4. From the list select one (1) applicable method of registration.
5. Fill-in and submit the required data in the Online Member User ID Registration
6. Check the email for Activation link sent by SSS.
7. Assign a new password to your MySSS account.

To proceed with payment:
1. Log on to
2. Click on Payment Reference Number (PRN)
3. Copy the generated Payment Reference Number (PRN)
4. Be sure to check if covered months being paid for is correct. If not, click Edit SOA to correct.
5. Log in to Security Bank Online
6. Select Pay Bills under Payments & Transfers.
7. Select SSS Contributions and paste the PRN as the Subscriber Number.
8. Click Confirm to payment details.

For DigiBanker Clients

To register an SSS account online:
1. Access the SSS website at
2. Click on the My.SSS tab
3. Click on Employer Registration
4. Fill-in and submit the required data in the Online Employer User ID Registration
5. Check the registered email for the My.SSS User ID

To transact via SBC DigiBanker:
1. Log in to SSS Website ( to process your payment and generate the PRN (payment reference number), which will need to be encoded in Digibanker.
2. Login to Digibanker.
3. Go to “E-Government Payments”
4. Go to “SSS ECollection”, and click on “Make SSS eCollection Payment”.
5. Enter the PRN number generated from SSS.
6. Choose the funding account number, and the payment date. Click on “Submit” afterwards.
7. Proceed with the standard approval procedures.



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