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Chatbot Upgrade! You Can Now Update Contact Info and Check Application Status (Plus Other Cool Features)

In the spirit of further improving our customers’ experience and keeping up with the fast-paced lifestyle of the digital world, we recently upgraded our chatbot with two big features.

For existing clients, you can now update your contact information via chat. Meanwhile, clients with pending applications can now check the status of their application also with the chatbot. Before we go further, let’s first look back at how we got here.

The chatbot has always been a pillar of our customer engagement strategy. It was a quick way for clients and potential clients to get answers. It was designed to support our customer support group and also serves as a portal to the main website. However, after careful consideration of the feedback from our community, we felt that the chatbot can do more than just provide information.

We identified two big inquiries that our community has been making:

  1. How can I update my contact information?
  2. What happened to my application?

So we strived to solve those 2 things. Hopefully these 2 features can help you–our community–with your most frequent concerns. Hopefully, this will also give our call agents the time to resolve more personalized concerns. Please don’t hesitate to continue giving us feedback because that’s what made this all possible.

Here’s a short video about the two new features:

Aside from these flagship features, we’ve also added new options like receiving callbacks for critical concerns raised beyond business hours, resetting your online banking password, enrolling accounts to online banking, and getting smoothly transferred to a live agent. For credit card concerns, you can now also report a lost/stolen card, failed/declined transactions, and fraud.

To try our chatbot, just search

To try our chatbot, just search


on Facebook Messenger or go to



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