Megan Young

Actress / Model / Miss World

Security Bank client since 2013

Palms got sweaty as Megan Young arrived on the set of our latest TV Commercial.

Everyone, especially the new crew, was on alert. Even casually dressed in inky blue jeans and her signature multicolored high top Nikes, Megan is magnetic.

“It feels great that I’m with Security Bank for the 3rd year ‘cause I feel like it’s a growing relationship,” she muses backstage before saying hello to familiar faces. “I feel like we’re pushing our boundaries together.”

At 27, the Kapuso star is on top of her game as she breaks boundaries, something that—self-admittedly—springs from her unpredictable nature. Last summer, she signed with New York’s Innovative Artists Agency, positioning herself to land international roles. But that doesn’t mean she’s lost time for herself.

“I love to travel!” Megan exclaims. “Drinking in a coffee shop somewhere, in this unknown spot, in an unknown city, as people live their everyday lives right in front of me.”

After breathlessly relaying endless travel tips, she pauses. “I feel like I can just fully enjoy the experience without holding back. Living on the edge…that’s what I live for.”

A true professional, Megan segues to our latest product without prompting. “Peace of mind, that’s the best thing anyone can give you,” she begins. “You never know what’s gonna happen and I’ve known people who didn’t have life insurance and something did happen… Getting insurance is always good.”

Being as adventurous as she is, it’s no surprise that Megan understands the importance of life insurance. She gets that, and more, with Security Bank.

“One, you get an AllAccess account, so dun pa lang you have all your banking needs: a passbook, ATM, and checkbook. Lahat nandun na. And having free life insurance with that is the perfect combo because really, you could not ask for more. For others, you have to pay [for insurance] but with this account it’s free!”

Interested in our financing solutions?

Hi Megan! You’ve been with us for 3 years now, how are you feeling?

It feels great! It’s like I am growing as the bank is getting bigger. I’ve also grown financially, of course. But more importantly, in terms of knowledge and what to do with my money, Security Bank also taught me a lot!

What makes you confident in being the face of Security Bank?

I think my persona that people see in showbiz or as a public figure really resonates with what Security Bank upholds.

They also give the best service as much as possible. For me as an artist, I try to do my end and do my work, and collaborate with the brands that I work with.


And I know Security Bank does that with their clients too. So I am confident to say that we have the same beliefs and the same outlook.

Also, I’ve also recruited so many people. Let me just say. [laughs] Ang dami! My whole family is with Security Bank, even Mikael [Daez] banks with Security Bank. And my glam team—a lot of them—also banks with Security Bank. I told them: “You know it’s easier if we’re all in Security Bank.”

In fairness, my make up artist who I referred to Security Bank told me: “You know, I really love Security Bank!” She was complaining she had long lines, I don’t know which bank…But when she started with Security Bank, natuwa siya because the gold membership was P100,000 and she couldn’t get that with her previous banks. She felt like she was well taken care of and that encouraged her to save more money.

It’s so nice to see the convenience they give to a lot of people that I know.

We’re avid followers of your IG and you recently uploaded pictures of your trip abroad. Do you love traveling?

Yes, I love travel! I always bring my platinum Mastercard [shameless plug: Free Lounge Access] with me, and my new EMV ATM Card.


What’s your top 3 travel destinations?

In no particular order, given na kasi yung Philippines, so let’s just choose places out of the country: Japan, Maldives and South Africa.

I love how each place is different in terms of culture, food, and the things to do when you’re there. Each destination, may pinupuntahan talaga kami dun. In Japan, it’s the food and the coffee. And in South Africa, it’s the wildlife–the nature aspect. And in the Maldives, it’s the total experience and we got to experience going there on a budget.

So each one has something special that I love to go back to.

How about places you haven’t been to? Places in your bucket list that you want to strike off?

There are a lot! Vietnam is one. Second—because this is Mikael’s travel destination—Antarctica. That’s his dream so pagbibigyan ko siya [laughs].

Actually I don’t like the cold but my dream destination talaga is cold. Iceland—the Nordic. I want to see the lights and I want to see the Scandinavian countries. Mikael is the man with the ideas and I am the planner.

Natutuloy pag biglaan? (laughs)

Yes! Kaya lagi kaming biglaan. Yung mga planning is just two days before (our trip). And we always book on short notice because of work.

The way that I plan is I look for two things I love: food and coffee. I’ll search for restaurants and coffee shops that we can go to. And after that, it’s the fitness. May gym bang malapit samin? Ano ba yung mga trails na pwede naming puntahan?

We’re not that into tourist spots. We like living like a local.

We want to see how everyday life is for people who live there. If I want to see the tourist destination, I can just look up the destination online and it’s just the same thing with me at the foreground.

“My whole family is with Security Bank, even Mikael [Daez] banks with Security Bank. And my glam team—a lot of them—also banks with Security Bank. I told them: ‘You know it’s easier if we’re all in Security Bank.'”

Do people recognize you when you go abroad?

Yeah, mga Filipinos; the foreigners not so much. And that’s another reason why we love travel. I feel like I can just fully enjoy the experience without holding back. But not in the sense of going wild, but the mere fact that I can enjoy eating like I want to without getting conscious.

Do you have any new hobbies to keep you busy on your off-time?

I’ve been bullet journaling! It’s like a newer way to fix your calendar. I just started this week and it’s been so efficient for me. I am very forgetful, so this helps me with my daily tasks. If there’s something na yung parang weakness ko, is that I am forgetful and tend to procrastinate too much.

Writing has always helped me ever since. Back in school, when everybody else was using laptops, I would still write in notebooks because it helps me understand and remember better. I am very makakalimutin [laughs]. So everything, even the things I need to bring, I write it here in my notebook.

What’s next for Megan?

Well what’s next? Definitely I’m the type of person who always steps outside the box. I always do what people don’t expect of me. So expect the unexpected.

Like Megan, you can get peace of mind with Security Bank.


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