Policy and Data Relating to Health, Safety and Welfare of Employees

Security Bank is committed to maintain a safe, healthy and efficient working environment for all employees. Likewise, Security Bank promotes the professional growth of its employees by investing in employee programs that motivate, support and guide them. This is anchored on the principle that our workforce is the foundation of the Bank for maintaining integrity of our business.

The Bank maintains safe and healthy working conditions, providing adequate facilities like a well-stocked clinic at the Head Office and first aid kits at all branches, and conducting periodic inspections of buildings and departments. Registered nurses and doctors engage and consult with employees on health concerns and provide advice and supervision on occupational health. Various activities that promote the health and wellness of employees and provide work-life balance are rolled out on an annual basis. Regular health and safety advisories aimed at preventing accidents and advocating prevention and minimizing cases of work-related illnesses are issued to all employees and are posted in the Bank’s intranet system. Employees are also required to undergo annual physical examination and are provided hospitalization benefits to help defray expenses incurred as a result of hospitalization, treatment and consultation.

For the continuing development of employees , the SBC Academy provides relevant and updated training programs that equip employees with the pertinent job competencies and enable them not only to achieve their individual and corporate goals but also to deliver a seamless and delightful customer service.

Please refer to https://www.securitybank.com/about-us/- Investor Relations – Annual Reports- Better for Our People section- pages 66-69 of the 2014 Annual Report for updates.