Investor Relations Program

Security Bank’s Investor Relations Program embodies the Bank’s Corporate Governance Policy pertaining to the Bank’s shareholders and their rights, as follows.

Principles and Policy Statements

  • Rights of Shareholders

The Bank recognizes that the most cogent proof of good corporate governance is that which is visible to the eyes of its investors.  Therefore, the Board respects the rights of the stockholders as provided in the Corporation Code: Voting Right, Power of Inspection, Right to Information, Rights to Dividends, and Appraisal Right. It shall be the duty of the Directors to promote shareholder rights, remove impediments to the exercise of shareholders’ rights and allow possibilities to seek redress for violation of their rights. 

  • Policy on Shareholder Engagement

It is the policy of the Bank to encourage continuous discussions with its shareholders and institutional investors in order to further strengthen and support the achievement of the Bank’s corporate goals and objectives, of which increasing shareholders’ value, ensuring good corporate governance, protecting shareholders’ rights and minority interests, providing excellent service to customers, and complying with laws, rules and regulations are of primary importance.

As such, the key elements which play a central role in our shareholder value goals include the following:

  • Consistent superior profitability of the Bank
  • Ensuring that our long-term strategy is consistent with our shareholder value goals
  • High quality Management Team
  • Articulation of the Security Bank story
  • Investors’ access to our senior management
  • Active participation by our senior Investor Relations team/senior management in meetings and conferences with the investor community
  • Good corporate governance and protection of minority shareholder rights
  • Liquidity of the Bank’s stock
  • Effective and efficient feedback mechanism from investors to senior management

In bringing the Security Bank story to our investors, the stock brokerage firms and the analysts, and the investor community at large, we actively participate in Investor Conferences, one-on-one meetings, conference calls, and Non-Deal Roadshows, as well as rely on multiple channels such as our Analyst Briefings/Earnings Calls, website, our public disclosures through the Philippine Stock Exchange and the Securities and Exchange Commission, electronic communications including email, and the mass media and financial publications.