Analyst Coverage

Stock Analysts

Stock Brokerage Firms Analyst Email Address Telephone Number Office
Abacus Securities Ms. Elizabeth Santiago [email protected] (632) 8667 8900 Ortigas Center,
Pasig City
AP Securities Ms. Rachelle Cruz [email protected] (632) 8848 2915 Makati City
BDO Nomura Ms. Abigail L. Chiw
Ms. Maria Lourdes Guadalupe F. Dumol
[email protected] [email protected] (632) 8878 4590
(632) 8878 4985
Makati City
BPI Securities Mr. Angelo Antonio Torres aastorre[email protected] (632) 8246 5190 Makati City
CLSA Mr. Alfred Dy [email protected] (632) 8860 0048 Makati City
COL Financial Mr. Charles William Ang
Mr. John Martin Luciano
[email protected] [email protected] (632) 8636 5411
loc. 136
Ortigas Center,
Pasig City
Credit Suisse Mr. Danielo Picache [email protected] (632) 8858 7758 Makati City
DA Market Securities Ms. Nisha Alicer [email protected] (632) 8891 9143 Taguig City
DBP-Daiwa Capital Markets Ms. Mica Abaquita [email protected] (632) 8737 3021 Makati City
F. Yap Securities Mr. Kim Joshua Garces [email protected] (632) 8856 7680
loc. 138
Makati City
First Metro Securities Brokerage Corporation/DBS Vickers Securities Mr. Reuben Mark Angeles
Ms. Estella Villamiel
Mr. Derrick Guarin
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] (632) 8859 0600 Makati City
Goldman Sachs Ms. Melissa Kuang
Mr. Martinus Tjitra
[email protected] [email protected] (65) 6889 2869 Singapore
J.P. Morgan Mr. Harsh Wardhan Modi
Mr. Daniel Andrew Tan
*Interested investors may contact J.P. Morgan Singapore
Makati City
Macquarie Mr. Gilbert Y. Lopez [email protected] (632) 8857 0892 Makati City
Mandarin Securities (632) 8884 1271 Makati City
Maybank ATR Kim Eng Ms. Rachelleen Rodriguez [email protected] (632) 8849 8843 Makati City
Morgan Stanley Mr. Nick Lord
Ms. Selvie Jusman
[email protected] [email protected] (65) 6834-8975 Singapore
Papa Securities Ms. Joahnna See Soriano [email protected] (632) 8817 9544 Makati City
Philstocks Financial, Inc. Mr. Piper Tan [email protected] (632) 8588 1928 Ortigas Center,
Pasig City
Philippine Equity Partners / Bank of America Merrill Lynch Mr. Jojo Gonzales
Mr. John Te
[email protected] [email protected] (632) 8640 6767 Makati City
PNB Equity Research Ms. Wendy Estacio [email protected] (632) 8526 3131
loc. 2919
Pasay City
RCBC Securities Mr. Raul Ruiz
Ms. Daphne Yang
[email protected] [email protected] (632) 8894 9983 Makati City
Regis Partners Mr. Rafael Garchitorena [email protected] (632) 8894 6644 Makati City
Regina Capital Development Corporation Ms. Paola Beatrice Lopez [email protected] (632) 8848 5482 Makati City
Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Mr. Pranav Gundlapalle
Mr. Kevin Kwek
[email protected] [email protected] (852) 2918 5731
(65) 6230 4650
Hong Kong Singapore
UBS Mr. Aakash Rawat [email protected] (65) 6495 8283 Singapore
Makati City
UCPB Securities (632) 8811 9975 Makati City
Unicapital Securities Mr. Justin Lawrence Tembrevilla [email protected] (632) 8844 4415 Makati City
Wealth Securities Mr. Nicolas “ND” Fernandez [email protected] (632) 8689 8000
loc. 8158
Ortigas Center,
Pasig City

Disclaimer: The reports, recommendations, opinions, forecasts or estimates made by the analysts regarding Security Bank are those of the analysts’ for information only and do not represent those of Security Bank. The Bank is not in any way responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the analysts’ reports, recommendations, opinions, forecasts or estimates nor is it an implied endorsement, solicitation or offer by the Bank to buy, hold or sell its stock. The names and contact details of the analysts herein provided are given with their prior consent.

Credit Analysts

Credit Rating Firms Analyst Email Address Telephone Number Office
Moody’s Investors Service Mr. Srikanth Vadlamani
Ms. Joyce Ong
Ms. Ferlicia Leow
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
(65) 6398 8300
(65) 6311 2651
Japan Credit Rating Agency Mr. Yoshihiko Tamura
Mr. Shinichi Endo
[email protected]
[email protected]
(81) 3 3544 7013 Japan