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Throwback: the First BetterBanking Story feat. Nora Aunor

You might have heard about the new endorsers (no? check them out here), but did you know who was the first celebrity to endorse Security Bank on national TV? That’s right, Security Bank’s first ever TVC released in the 70’s featured an artistic icon that you might have heard of.

The legend herself—Nora Aunor. Before Janine Gutierrez donned the blue and green of BetterBanking, her grandmother was the face of then Security Bank and Trust Company. Having the superstar represent the bank, in a time when TV commercials were considered luxury, set the stage for four decades of prolific growth. Needless to say, some things were very different back in the day: the—dare we say—archaic fashion sense and the sleep-inducing music—but the presence of Nora Aunor alone makes this clip priceless. Just look at that blouse!

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