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Throwback: The BetterBanking Story of the 90’s feat. Sharon Cuneta

Now you know who our first TV endorser was (No? Click here to find out who) but that was only the beginning. Almost two decades after the first TV commercial hit national airwaves, the bank enlisted another showbiz titan. This time, it was Megastar Sharon Cuneta’s turn to make sure everyone knows that “Secure ang Success” with Security Bank.

(Watch a younger Sharon Cuneta climb stairs and tell everyone the “formula to fame and fortune.”)

Don’t tell me that her energy didn’t get you pumped; singing and dancing while climbing winding stairs ain’t easy you know. Seriously, look how much things have changed in 20 years. Gone are the melodramatic music and the flushed white hue of the 70’s and say hello to a catchy new melody and the deep blue that we all know and love!

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