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How to Enroll in DigiBanker and Other Cash Management Solutions

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DigiBanker is an award-winning online cash management solution intended to efficiently manage your cash flows and payments. This makes your collections process simpler and more secure, helps you with government payment remittance, simplifies your supplier payment processing and distribution, monitors the cash flow of your business, and many more.

Enrollment in DigiBanker and other Cash Management Solutions can now be done online. This is open for both new and existing clients of DigiBanker.

To help you with the enrollment process, we’re giving you a detailed guide (with illustrations) below:

1. Access the enrollment page

2. Input company details

3. Select company needs to be addressed

4. Choose solutions that will address company needs

5. Provide required enrollment details

6. Accept Terms and Conditions and click ‘Submit’

7. Check registered email address for the pdf file of the enrollment form

8. Route the enrollment form & agreement to company’s authorized signatories

9. Upload the duly signed enrollment form. Hardcopy of the original signed enrollment form to be forwarded to the SBC branch of account

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What products can be applied for online enrollment? You may choose which specific products/services from the wide suite of Security Bank’s Cash Management Solutions that can address your needs. Whether for timely account information, streamlined payments processing, or efficient collection processing.
  2. What documents need to be submitted for the CMS Online Enrollment? A link of the required documents is available, depending on the Cash Management product you will avail. We highly recommend checking on this list before you proceed with the on-line application to ensure documents are available (in the scanned form), as these will be uploaded to complete the online application.
  3. Does the client need to submit the signed enrollment forms & other supporting documents? Yes, forms and other supporting documents need to be duly signed (and notarized, as applicable) when submitted. Otherwise, your online enrollment application will not be processed due to document deficiency.
  4. What can we expect after we submit the online application form? A system-generated email will be sent to your registered company email address. This email will have the PDF file of the enrollment form. The said enrollment form will need to be printed and signed by the company’s authorized signatories. Also, depending on the CMS product/service chosen, you may expect an email or a call from a Bank representative to validate your enrollment.
  5. Where do we submit the signed enrollment form? Once the enrollment form is duly signed, kindly refer to the email received. There is a list of reminders, one of which contains a link that will direct you to the page where you can upload the signed enrollment form. The Bank will process enrollment based on the documents you have uploaded. However, you will still be required to submit the original signed copy of the enrollment form and other supporting documents to your branch of account.



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