Appendix A

Security Bank shall implement the following security measures with respect to the ATM facilities to minimize, prevent ATM frauds and crimes:

  • Implement ATM programming enhancements like masking/non-printing of card numbers;
  • Educate customers by advising them regularly of risks associated with using the ATM and how to avoid these risks.
  • Conduct and document periodic security inspection at the ATM location, and make the pertinent information available to our clients.
  • Educate bank personnel to be responsive and sensitive to customer concern and to communicate them immediately to the responsible bank officer.
  • Post near the ATM facility a clearly visible sign which, at a minimum, provides the telephone numbers of the bank, and police hotlines for emergency cases.
  • Regularly assess ATM crimes to determine the primary problem areas and establish procedures for reporting ATM crime and to implement specific prevention measures to mitigate the risk.
  • Share the information involving ATM fraud cases to deter and prevent proliferation of the crime.