Security Bank Introduces the First-Ever Vertical ATM Card

Security Bank Corporation introduces another banking innovation with the first-ever vertical ATM card design that reflects a fresh new way of handling cash and managing your finances. Its practical use and benefits will surely change the way you look at your card! The trendy vertical Security Bank CashLink Card gives accountholders the edge in banking for various deposit accounts such as the All-in-One-Checking Account (AIOCA) and the Peso Savings ATM Account. AIOCA is an interest-bearing checking account that has the features of both a checking and savings account, the practical benefits of a checkbook, and a record book for monitoring transactions while the Peso Savings Account provides the convenience of ATM banking anytime, anywhere. For the upwardly mobile cardholder, Security Bank”s CashLink Card provides a safe and easy way to access funds from wherever you are through Security Bank”s nationwide network of branches and ATMs including BancNet, Megalink and even ExpressNet terminals. Security Bank is also set to introduce three more cards to provide its clients better banking mileage: Local Cash Card, International Cash Card and International ATM Card. Ask for the Security Bank CashLink card in any of the Security Bank branches near you or call (632) 88-791-88 for information. Visit for more details.