Security Bank eGiftCard: Breaking the barriers of traditional banking

Security Bank has pioneered mobile financial services with its eGiftCard, facilitating funds transfers through short messaging system (SMS) and allowing recipients to cash-out at an ATM even without an ATM card.  With its outstanding features, the eGiftCard earned the “Product Excellence Award in Mobile Payments”, conferred by the 2012 Banking & Payments Asia Trailblazer. The eGiftCard makes funds available in seconds from the time you apply. A text message carrying the transaction information is the only thing needed to withdraw cash from the ATM. No IDs to present, no forms to fill-out.  In a country like the Philippines where majority of the working class are still unbanked (do not own a bank account or credit card), and where everyone has a cellphone but not all have internet connection, the likely option for sending money would be mobile payment services which are currently made possible through the combined power of banking and mobile technology. The eGiftCard empowers the “unbanked” Philippine market and allows its users to gradually break free from the limits of traditional banking channels such as ATMs and over-the-counter transactions.  The eGiftCard is just one of Security Bank