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Work from Home Guide for Beginners

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In light of COVID-19, many of us are suddenly working from home full-time, for the first time. If you’re new to this kind of set-up, then you probably discovered that adjusting to working from home can be tricky. That’s why we’ve put together tips for working remotely to make the switch a little easier:

1. Have a separate workspace.

Pick a specific spot where you’ll work. Make sure it’s comfortable, ventilated well, and complete. Bonus points if you can also close the door and shut out distractions.

Having a dedicated workspace does two things: first, it lets your brain associate that place with productivity. Every time you enter, you automatically switch to work mode. Second, it creates a mental distance between work and personal time so it’s easier to relax when it’s time to “go home” and get out of that space.

2. Prepare as if you’re going to work.

Something as simple as continuing your daily routine – taking a shower, getting dressed, and eating breakfast – actually puts you in a productive mindset. It’s letting your brain know it needs to get ready for work.

3. Stick to your planned schedule.

Planning your day is quick and easy when you’ve got a consistent schedule. You’ll become more efficient and organized. It also creates a sense of discipline because you have to finish tasks within that schedule.

Learn your priorities. Know which ones to finish first, and which ones require more of your time. Then work in chunks, focusing on the urgent and priority tasks first.

4. Communicate well with your team.

This all comes down to good workplace etiquette. Always be present and on time for check-ins and meetings. Be clear and concise when sending messages. Let your teammates know if you’ll be away from your desk. And if you need to make a call or start a video chat, ask your colleague first.

5. Give yourself work breaks.

It’s easy to forget to move once you’re engrossed in work. Be sure to take breaks in between, the same thing you do in the office. Stand up, stretch, move around but fight the temptation to squeeze in housework during downtime, or check the news on social media more often. Remember, you’re taking a break to rest.

6. Social distancing? Try distant socializing.

Working from home can make you feel lonely after a while. Keep in touch with colleagues through chat or social video calls. You’d be surprised at how invigorating these moments can be!

7. Know when to call it a day.

Sticking to a schedule also means knowing when to stop working. Give yourself time to relax and recharge. Use your free time on making a new habit, doing your hobbies, and working on your passion projects. Be sure to enjoy being at home.



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