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UITF: How to Redeem and Subscribe via SBOL

We encourage our Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) investors to enroll in Security Bank Online so you can manage your investments better. With this, you can now subscribe and redeem using our online banking platform. We’ve also made you a guide below on how to subscribe and redeem.

But before that, you need to enroll your Trust Account to Security Bank Online first. Follow the steps below.

Trust Account Enrollment

  1. Log in at
  2. Make sure Trust Account No. is already enrolled. If not, please follow these steps:
    1. Go to Accounts Tab and select ‘Add and Manage Accounts’
    2. Click ‘Trust Account Number’
    3. Click ‘Print’*
    4. SBOL Form will prompt*
    5. Submit the form to your branch of account
    6. *For Joint Accounts: If your Trust Account Number is a Joint Account, please print and submit the hard copy of SBOL form to the branch with signatures of all account holders.

  3. After submitting, your account shall be activated within 1-2 business days.

Note: For Feeder Funds, only SB US Equity and SB Global Equity can be enrolled.

To Invest

  1. Go to Investments Tab
  2. Select Subscribe
  3. Select Trust Account Number
  4. Select CASA (where to debit subscription) – you can view balance as well
  5. Input amount of subscription
  6. Tick ‘Terms & Conditions’ below
  7. Click Submit

To Redeem

  1. Go to Investments tab
  2. Select Redeem
  3. Select Trust Account Number
  4. Click Search
  5. Check details of UITF placement to be redeemed and then select the circle beside “Subscription Date”
  6. Click Proceed
  7. Expect proceeds of redemption to be credited on settlement date (depends on UITF).



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