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Video: How to Convert Your Land Title to eTitle

Land titles can be a pain to store and maintain but we do it anyway—and for good reason. Your land title is your proof of ownership for a piece of land. In other words, it’s a piece of paper that you use to tell the world that the ground where your house stands is yours. In some way, it’s what differentiates you from transients and it’s also what’s preventing your neighbor from spouting “You’re trespassing!”

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In their efforts to streamline Land Title processes, the Land Registration Authority (LRA) launched the Land Titling Computerization Project back in 2008, which has now culminated to eTitles:

The video above details what you need to know about eTitles. Here’s the transcript of the video:

“You can now convert your land title from a manual title to an eTitle. Now before we go any further, let’s look at the statement more closely.

The land title is the common term for the certificate of title. It’s your best proof of ownership of a piece of land. It details the property’s location and the size of the land. And each land has a unique registration number as well as your legal name on it.

The LRA keeps your original title inside its vault. And when you plan to make a transaction with your land—like selling it or transferring ownership—your duplicate copy must match the original title. The title in your possession is your owner’s duplicate of the title.

The Dangers of Paper Titles

Both original and duplicate titles are made of paper and these can be faked, lost, or misplaced, or destroyed by wear and tear, fire, and natural disasters.

The answer is land title conversion to eTitle. The LRA has embarked on the eTitling Conversion Project. Original titles in the Registry of Deeds Vaults are now digitzed and stored in the computer database while owners’ duplicate copy of title can now be converted to eTitles.

eTitles are immune from the dangers paper titles are exposed to. Landowners are also spared from the expensive and tedious reconstitution process whenever the original titles are lost or destroyed.

With the use of technology, the eTitle now empowers the LRA to further improve its delivery of services. eTitles also address the risk management requirements of banks and other institutions. Convert your titles! While the LRA is doing its part, you must also do your share as a landowner.

How Do You Convert Your Land Title to eTitle?

Bring your owner’s duplicate title and other required documents to the registry of deeds or the nearest satellite office. The LRA personnel will match the duplicate copy to the original to validate authenticity.

Once validated, the conversion process of your manual title to eTitle will commence. And after a few days, your owner’s duplicate eTitle will be ready for pick-up–all for a price of a movie date.

So start enjoying the convenience of a tamper-proof, destruction-proof, lost-proof original eTitle and the security of an owner’s duplicate eTitle. Start converting today!”

Source: Land Registration Authority



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