Scholars for Better Communities

Internal Scholarship Program



The internal scholarship program shall provide educational assistance to Security Bank Group employees and their children. The objective of the program is employee retention and development. Security Bank Foundation shall fund and administer the scholarship.

Scholarship Package

Each scholar is entitled to the following benefits per academic year until he finishes his current education level


  • Elementary to Senior High School
    • Blended Learning Delivery – Php 2,000 per month for maximum of 10 months
    • Face-to-face Learning Delivery – Php 3,000 per month for maximum of 10 months
  • College to Post-Graduate
    • Php 3,000 per month for maximum of 10 months

Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees

  • Maximum of Php 65,000.00 per year across all levels

Note: Financial assistance will be released subject to the maximum amount per year and based on the actual number of months during which the classes are conducted and ongoing. 

Non-Monetary Scholarship Benefits

Aside from providing financial assistance, SBFI also extends developmental activities through opportunities for internship, involvement in corporate social responsibility activities, and attendance to learning sessions provided by partner institutions.

Eligible Courses

Scholarship slots shall be offered to elementary to post-graduate students. College and post-graduate students must take courses directly supporting bank operations.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Security Bank employee must have:
    • Tenure of at least 2 years from permanency
    • Good employment record
    • At least average performance appraisal rating,
    • Rank of up to SAVP
  • Children of employees for elementary to college level applicants and employees themselves for post-graduate level applicants
  • Student’s latest General Weighted Average (GWA) of at least 83% or its equivalent
  • No other family member currently admitted to the scholarship within second degree of consanguinity or affinity
  • No other existing scholarship except for discounts provided by schools

Application Requirements

  1. Online Application Form
  2. Latest Report Card with Final General Weighted Average (GWA)
  3. Certificate of Enrollment/Proof of Registration for Incoming School Year 2022-2023
  4. Endorsement Letter from Security Bank Head (Download Template)
  5. Birth Certificate
  6. Portrait Photo
  7. Medical Certificate from Bank physician/accredited clinic confirming fitness to work and study at the same time (if employee is the student)

Application Period

For Academic Year (AY) 2022 – 2023:

  • Opening of Applications: June 1, 2022
  • Deadline of Applications: August 15, 2022

Screening and Selection Process

  • Only applications submitted online will be screened by Security Bank Foundation’s Scholarship Officer.
  • Security Bank Foundation may validate the data indicated in the application by through mobile phone call and email.
  • Admitted applicants will be notified through mobile phone call and email. Applicants should ensure active contact information stated in the online application form.
  • Newly admitted scholars will sign a scholarship contract to confirm their admission.

Terms and Conditions

  • The scholarship assistance commences on the academic year that the scholar was admitted and ends at the last grade or year of the said education level (e.g. elementary, junior high, senior high, college and post-graduate).
  • For college and post-graduate, the scholar must be enrolled for at least the minimum number of units/load required by the school for each school year.
  • Scholars are required to maintain at least 83% general weighted average and at least 83% per subject grade by the end of the term or academic year.
  • Security Bank Employee must continuously work in the Bank with good employment record.
  • Two (2) years’ service contract to be rendered by the employee upon graduation of the scholar from any school level. 
  • If the employee resigns or intentionally drops the scholar prior to graduation from the school level, he/she shall reimburse 100% of the total benefits given.​​​​​​​
  • Shifting to another course and/or transferring to another school done without a valid reason and resulting to additional term/year to finish the school level

Scholarship Renewal

Elementary and Junior High scholars are required to renew their scholarship every year while Senior High, College and Post-Graduates scholars have to renew every school term (i.e. semester/trimester). The following documents must be submitted for renewal:

  • Online Renewal Form
  • Certificate of Enrolment/Registration Form for the next school term/ year
  • Report Card/Transcript of Records indicating general weighted average for the previous school term/ year
  • Updated grading system from school or university (if applicable)
  • Assessment of fees
  • Reconsideration Letter (only if the scholar fails to meet the per subject grade requirement)

To request for fund, click the button below and fill out the form. 


A scholar may be terminated from the scholarship upon commission of any of the following grounds:

  • Failure to submit renewal requirements on the date of the deadline
  • Failure to meet general weighted average
  • Failing, incomplete, or dropped grade in both academic and non-academic subjects
  • Deferment of enrolment in a school year (except for poor health)
  • Violation of school policies during the availment of the grant
  • Employee performance appraisal rating lower than Average
  • Employee violation of company policy/infraction
  • Employee resignation/cessation of employment in the bank
  • Availment of another scholarship

Frequently Asked Questions

Scholarship Process-Related Questions:

Help! I cannot open the link for application / renewal.

If you are using a company issued computer, you may not be able to access this as the company
issued computer has restricted access. You may access it through your personal laptop or
If the form still does not open, you may verify with ITG as to why you cannot open the form. The
form already has responses recorded. This may be a technical/network error.

Is the scholarship slot on a first come, first served basis?


No. All new applicants regardless of rank/position will be treated equally and will go through usual selection process.


Can I apply for all my eligible children and try my luck on which one gets approved for scholarship?


No. You may only apply under one (1) scholar name because the competition for scholarship slots are very high. We want all applicants to have equal chances to be admitted to the scholarship program.

Can I apply for my sibling / relative?

The Internal Scholarship Program is only offered to children of SBC Group employees or if employees themselves will study.

You may visit the External Scholarship Program of the Foundation to know more how you can avail of a scholarship grant:

My child has just finished Grade 6 (Elementary) / Grade 10 (Junior High School) / Grade 12 (Senior High School). Do I just renew scholarship, or do I apply for a new scholarship?

Since your child has finished a school level (e.g. Junior High School), he/she will have to apply for a new scholarship slot in the next school level (e.g. Senior High School) and will have to undergo usual selection process.

I learned that there is grade requirement of 83% to maintain the scholarship. Does this apply to the General Weighted Average (GWA) only or does it also apply for grades per subject as well

The 83% grade requirement to maintain scholarship applies BOTH to the per subject grade and General Weighted Average (GWA).

I am existing scholar and my child received a subject grade of 82% (or below maintaining grade) but his GWA is still above 83%. Will I still be eligible to renew?

Yes. We allow up to two (2) reconsiderations of existing scholars provided that the reasons for not maintaining the scholarship is not due to a major school infraction of the scholar or that the scholar just did not study well because of too many extra-curricular activities that impede his/her grades.

You must upload a Request Letter for Reconsideration addressed to the “Scholarship Committee” stating in detail as to why the grade was not maintained on the particular subject. This letter must be ‘drafted by the scholar’ him/herself and must be ‘noted by’ the parent-employee. Please note that the condition for continuing of scholarship assistance is still subject to the approval of the Scholarship Committee.

I received a below maintaining grade on P.E / NSTP, can I still apply / renew?

Yes. Scholars are only required to have passing grade in Physical Education (PE), National Service Training Program (NSTP) and other non-academic subjects. No need to submit a Request Letter for Reconsideration. Please note that MAPEH is not part of the non-academic subjects.

I’m an existing College scholar, can I shift courses/major?

The Internal Scholarship policy does not provide for shifting of courses. You may shift to another major related to the current course you are taking (e.g. Accountancy to Accounting Management or BSBA Major in Marketing Management to BSBA Major in Operations Management) as long the number of years to complete your current major is the same as your shifting major (e.g. you will still finish in 4 years).

However, you need to submit a Letter for Reconsideration addressed to “The Scholarship Committee” stating detailed reason for shifting of course. Please note that the condition for continuing of scholarship assistance is still subject to the approval of the Scholarship Committee.


I am existing scholar, will I be allowed to transfer schools?

Yes, however this is subject for evaluation. Submit a Request Letter for Reconsideration addressed to the Scholarship Committee because per policy, transferring of school is not allowed. Please note that the Foundation only allows up to two (2) reconsiderations for not meeting the requirements to maintain the scholarship. (Please refer to the “Terms & Conditions” and “Termination” on this page)

I’m an existing scholar and I have just been promoted to Vice President (from SAVP rank). Will my scholarship be dropped?


Yes. The Internal Scholarship program accepts SBC Group employees from Rank 2 up to Senior Assistant Vice President (SAVP) only.

I want to apply scholarship for Master’s Degree. Do I apply to SBFI scholarship first or enroll to the school first?

The Certificate of Enrollment / Certificate of Registration is a required document in applying for the scholarship. Please secure this document first.

I am an SBC employee; can I take a 2nd degree course?

As of now, the Internal Scholarship Program does not offer scholarship for 2nd degree availment of SBC Group employees.

I am an SBC employee; can I take doctorate courses?

The Internal Scholarship Program does not offer courses for doctorate degrees of SBC Group employees.

What are the eligible courses for College?

Aspiring College scholars must be enrolled in a public/private college/university recognized by the Commission on Higher Education and taking up a course directly supporting the Bank’s operations such as Accountancy, Business, Industrial Engineering, Management, Finance, Information Technology and Computer Studies, Mathematics, Statistics, Communications and Social Sciences.

I am an SBC Group employee who wants to pursue continuing education. What are eligible degrees / courses can I take?

Aspiring SBC Group employees who wants to pursue continuing education should apply for  Master’s Degree scholarship and must be enrolled in a public/private college/university recognized by the Commission on Higher Education and taking up a post-graduate degree (Master’s) directly supporting the Bank’s operations such as in the field of Accountancy, Business, Industrial Engineering, Management, Finance, Information Technology and Computer Studies, Mathematics, Statistics, Communications and Social Sciences including Law Degrees.

Are Certificate courses allowed for scholarship?


No. You may apply this on your department’s budget based on the employee’s individual development plan.

I was a previous SBFI scholar but was dropped from scholarship. When can I re-apply?

All previous SBFI scholars who were dropped from scholarship can only re-apply under the same scholar name once he/she have graduated from his/her school level. For example, a Grade 3 dropped scholar can only re-apply after graduation from Elementary. The same applies for dropped Junior High and Senior High School scholars. If the scholar was dropped during their graduating year (e.g. Grade 6, Grade 10, Grade 12), you must wait for one (1) year before re-applying for scholarship under the same scholar name. Unfortunately, for College scholars who were dropped, there is no next level scholarship offered to them.

The parent-employee can also re-apply for another child, if any, as long as the reason for dropping of scholarship is not due to infraction because infraction cases have a prescribed period that is kept on the parent-employee’s employment record. You may verify if your infraction has been expunged from your record with HRDD through Ms. Aya Arevalo.

I received a PAR rating of 2 (below Average). Will I still be able to apply / renew?

Yes. However, the Foundation’s policy for scholarship assistance is that the employee must have a performance appraisal rating (PAR) of at least ‘Average’ at the time of application/renewal. Since the rating system has been changed to numerical system, HR will recommend to the Foundation if the employee is still eligible to renew. You will be notified by the Foundation if your PAR rating is not eligible to apply / renew.

How do I know if my scholarship application has been approved / disapproved?


You will receive an email notification (both personal and office email) from Security Bank Foundation that your requirement has approved / disapproved.

Scholarship Requirement-Related Questions:

Where can I find the Endorsement Letter (requirement)?


Access the Endorsement Form from Security Bank’s website under ‘application requirements’:

Who can sign on my Endorsement Letter?

For Internal Scholarship application, only Area Heads, Division Heads or Group Heads can sign on the Endorsement Letter. BCMs and BMs are not authorized to sign your scholarship endorsement. Electronic signatures are accepted.

I want to apply for scholarship, but I do not have yet the Certificate of Enrollment. What document should I submit?


You may submit an ‘Acceptance Letter’ from the school you will be enrolling for the incoming school year / term. However, once you have already enrolled, and you still need to submit a ‘Certificate of Enrollment’ issued by the same school and re-upload your requirements on the application link.


Can I fill-out the application form even if I do not have all the requirements? I will just send the lacking requirements to-follow through email once I have received them.


No. The Foundation does not process incomplete requirements. We also do not entertain email requirements that are just forwarded to us since our documentation is now centralized through One Drive.


I want to apply / renew for scholarship, but the academic year will finish in July 31, 2021 (or later) and we are just in the 3rd grading period/semester. What document should I submit?


You may submit as requirement, the 2nd grading period for AY 2020-2021. However, please note that you will still need to submit the full grades of the scholar-applicant 2-3 weeks after the closing of the school year. The same policy applies for College/Masters scholars who are still completing AY 2020-2021.

My child is an incoming Grade 1 student and his/her Report Card does NOT have percentage (%) equivalent? What requirement should I submit?

Please submit a percentage (%) equivalent of the General Weighted Average (GWA) certified by the school. The most important basis for your application to be processed are the grades with percentage equivalent because this is the first line of selection process.

If this document cannot be complied due to uncontrollable reasons, please wait for the next school year, and make sure that the percentage equivalent can be provided.

Do I need to submit hard copy of requirements?

Please refrain from sending hard copy of requirements unless otherwise requested by the Foundation. We no longer keep hard copy of documents in our office. All hard copies submitted will be directed to the shredding bin (since this contains personal information).

Scholarship Disbursement-Related Questions:

I enrolled in a public school, do I still get the P65,000 tuition fee package?


No. Each scholar is entitled only to the actual cost of tuition fees based on the assessment form issued by the school and subject to the maximum claimable amount for tuition fees set by the Foundation. The allotment for tuition fees will no longer be released in case the school does not require payment of even miscellaneous fees such as if the scholar is enrolled to a public school or the scholar merited a full discount.

The monthly stipend will still be disbursed to scholars who are enrolled in public schools.

If I received an ESC grant, am I still qualified to apply for scholarship?

Yes, since the ESC grant is a government-issued discount. However, the disbursable amount of tuition fee package will only be up to the maximum tuition fee amount indicated in your assessment fee, without the ESC grant amount.

I am an existing scholar and I received an ESC discount / academic discount (e.g. Dean’s lister discount), will I be dropped from scholarship?

No, you will not be dropped from scholarship if the discount comes from the school for academic merits. We commend you for achieving this. However, the disbursable amount of tuition fee package will only be up to the maximum tuition fee amount indicated in your assessment fee.

If you have received another scholarship from another provider aside from the school, your scholarship will automatically be dropped.

Our school calendar has 2 semesters (or up to 5 semesters) and I need to enroll for the 2nd semester. Will I still be entitled to the P65,000 tuition fee and P20,000 (or P30,000) stipend on the 2nd semester?

No. The scholarship package applies for the whole academic year. If there is still remaining fund from the previous term, we will exhaust disbursement of the full tuition fee package.

The stipend shall only be released during the months of which the scholar’s classes are conducted and ongoing equivalent to ten (10) months. The monthly release of stipend shall simultaneously end with the actual termination of the academic year.

When can I expect the release of the stipend?

Crediting of stipend to the account of the scholar shall be on the first week of the month.

I am an existing scholar and I have been waiting for the school payment/crediting of reimbursement to my account for months. When will it be released?

Important notice:

File request via ONLINE FUND REQUEST FORM for all tuition fee payments and/or reimbursements. All tuition fee payments or reimbursements will only be processed through the duly accomplished Online Fund Request Form. Please carefully read the Fund Request Form Guidelines found in the link. You do not need to file fund request for stipend since this is a separate disbursement that the Foundation releases every month.

Refer to the above button to file a fund request. 

I have filed a Fund Request Form and I am waiting for the release of MC. How will I know if the Foundation has already paid/deposited payment directly to the school?

The Foundation will send an email both to your personal and office email that the check is ready for release. Once you receive this, please acknowledge the email, and check for errors in the amount and payee then notify the Foundation immediately for errors. If no email response is received within the next 6 hours (no extensions), the Foundation will deposit this the following day, so please ensure timing and accuracy of filing.

Once the Foundation has deposited the check to the school’s bank account, you will receive the copy of deposit via email. The original hard copy of O.R. for the MC payment must be submitted to Security Bank Foundation’s office at 7th Floor, Security Bank Centre, 6776 Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Metro Manila. Please address to Ms. Racquel Tanyag.

I filed a Fund Request for the full remaining balance payable to the school. Why are some of the fees payable not disbursed?

There are some disallowed charges based on assessment which are either charged to the stipend or counterpart of the parent.

I am an existing scholar and I need to pay for down payment for incoming school year, do I pay the down payment first and then reimburse it or do I ask SBFI to pay for down payment?

If the school demands payment immediately or the due date of payment is near, we would like to ask you to pay the fee and have it reimbursed since scholarship disbursements takes two (2) weeks to process. If the payment is not due in the next 3 weeks, you may file for issuance of Manager’s Check (MC) payable to the school.

Tuition fees shall be directly paid/deposited by the Foundation to the school via check, whenever possible. In case the school does not accept check payment, the actual cost of tuition will be credited to the account of the scholar. The scholar shall then pay the tuition in cash and submit the original official receipt to the Foundation.

Refer to the above button to file a fund request online. 

I am an existing scholar and I have a reimbursement request but the school cannot issue an Official Receipt as the school staff are working from home. What document can I submit?

For reimbursement, we are accepting soft copies of payments made. The following documents are allowed for processing of reimbursement:

  1. scanned copy of the Official Receipt
  2. scanned copy of Deposit Slip (provided that the name of school / name of scholar can be seen on the receipt)
  3. scanned copy of Credit Card Payment (provided that the name of school / name of scholar can be seen on the receipt)
  4. scanned copy of Bank Transfer Payment (provided that the name of school / name of scholar can be seen on the receipt)
  5. scanned copy of Debit Card Payment (provided that the name of school / name of scholar can be seen on the receipt)


Even though we are accepting soft copies, FINCON STILL REQUIRES YOU TO SUBMIT THE ORIGINAL HARD COPY OF THE OFFICIAL RECEIPTS WITHIN 45 CALENDAR DAYS  as this is a BIR requirement. Kindly forward all original O.R.s to SBFI office at 7th Floor, Security Bank Centre, 6776 Ayala Avenue, Makati City (Head Office). Address it to Ms. Racquel Tanyag.

Will the Foundation cover fees for subjects taken during summer class or advanced subject loads?

Yes. However, these fees are still covered by the maximum tuition fee package of P65,000 per school year. We will exhaust the maximum disbursable amount per school year.

The stipend shall only be released for an equivalent to ten (10) months. The monthly release of stipend shall simultaneously end with the actual termination of the academic year.

I am existing scholar but I want to file my resignation, how much will I be paying back to the Foundation?


As stipulated in the Scholarship Contract, all employees must render a two (2) year service contract to the bank upon graduation. Failure of the employee to render service contract shall make all scholarship expenses (i.e. tuition and stipend) incurred by the Foundation for the last two (2) years prior to graduation due and demandable to the employee. In case of partial fulfillment of service contract, due shall be computed on a pro-rated basis.

I was dropped from scholarship; will I be paying anything back to the Foundation?

No. You do not need to pay back any amount to the Foundation. This same policy applies whether scholar was dropped before the start of the new school year or halfway through the academic year.

I am a dropped scholar and I would like to resign. Will I be paying anything back to the Foundation?

No. You do not need to pay back any amount to the Foundation. This same policy applies whether scholar was dropped before the start of the new school year or halfway through the academic year.

Buttons for the application and renewal forms below can only be accessed using SBC provided email.

For new applicants and existing scholars who recently graduated from elementary, junior high and senior high, click apply now.

For continuing scholars within the same education level, click renew scholarship now.