Scholars for Better Communities

Internal Scholarship Program



The internal scholarship program shall provide educational assistance to Security Bank Group employees and their children. The objective of the program is employee retention and development. Security Bank Foundation shall fund and administer the scholarship.

Scholarship Package

Each scholar is entitled to the following benefits per academic year until he finishes his current education level


  • Elementary to Senior High School
    • Blended Learning Delivery – Php 2,000 per month for maximum of 10 months
    • Face-to-face Learning Delivery – Php 3,000 per month for maximum of 10 months
  • College to Post-Graduate
    • Php 3,000 per month for maximum of 10 months

Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees

  • Maximum of Php 65,000.00 per year across all levels

Note: Financial assistance will be released subject to the maximum amount per year and based on the actual number of months during which the classes are conducted and ongoing. 

Non-Monetary Scholarship Benefits

Aside from providing financial assistance, SBFI also extends developmental activities through opportunities for internship, involvement in corporate social responsibility activities, and attendance to learning sessions provided by partner institutions.

Eligible Courses

Scholarship slots shall be offered to elementary to post-graduate students. College and post-graduate students must take courses directly supporting bank operations.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Security Bank employee must have:
    • Tenure of at least 2 years from permanency
    • Good employment record
    • At least average performance appraisal rating,
    • Rank of up to SAVP
  • Children of employees for elementary to college level applicants and employees themselves for post-graduate level applicants
  • Student’s latest General Weighted Average (GWA) of at least 83% or its equivalent
  • No other family member currently admitted to the scholarship within second degree of consanguinity or affinity
  • No other existing scholarship except for discounts provided by schools

Application Requirements

  1. Online Application Form
  2. Latest Report Card with Final General Weighted Average (GWA)
  3. Certificate of Good Moral Character
  4. Endorsement Letter from Security Bank Head
  5. Birth Certificate
  6. Portrait Photo
  7. Medical Certificate from Bank physician/accredited clinic confirming fitness to work and study at the same time (if employee is the student)

Application Period

For Academic Year (AY) 2021 – 2022:

  • Opening of Applications: June 1, 2021
  • Deadline of Applications: July 31, 2021

Screening and Selection Process

  • Only applications submitted online will be screened by Security Bank Foundation’s Scholarship Officer.
  • Security Bank Foundation may validate the data indicated in the application by through mobile phone call and email.
  • Admitted applicants will be notified through mobile phone call and email. Applicants should ensure active contact information stated in the online application form.
  • Newly admitted scholars will sign a scholarship contract to confirm their admission.

Terms and Conditions

  • The scholarship assistance commences on the academic year that the scholar was admitted and ends at the last grade or year of the said education level (e.g. elementary, junior high, senior high, college and post-graduate).
  • For college and post-graduate, the scholar must be enrolled for at least the minimum number of units/load required by the school for each school year.
  • Scholars are required to maintain at least 83% general weighted average and at least 83% per subject grade by the end of the term or academic year.
  • Security Bank Employee must continuously work in the Bank with good employment record.
  • Two (2) years’ service contract to be rendered by the employee upon graduation of the scholar from any school level. 
  • If the employee resigns or intentionally drops the scholar prior to graduation from the school level, he/she shall reimburse 100% of the total benefits given.​​​​​​​

Scholarship Renewal

Elementary and Junior High scholars are required to renew their scholarship every year while Senior High, College and Post-Graduates scholars have to renew every school term (i.e. semester/trimester). The following documents must be submitted for renewal:

  • Online Renewal Form
  • Certificate of Enrolment/Registration Form for the next school term/ year
  • Report Card/Transcript of Records indicating general weighted average for the previous school term/ year
  • Updated grading system from school or university (if applicable)
  • Assessment of fees
  • Reconsideration Letter (only if the scholar fails to meet the per subject grade requirement)


A scholar may be terminated from the scholarship upon commission of any of the following grounds:

  • Failure to submit renewal requirements on the date of the deadline
  • Failure to meet general weighted average
  • Failing, incomplete, or dropped grade in both academic and non-academic subjects
  • Deferment of enrolment in a school year (except for poor health)
  • Violation of school policies during the availment of the grant
  • Employee performance appraisal rating lower than Average
  • Employee violation of company policy/infraction
  • Employee resignation/cessation of employment in the bank
  • Availment of another scholarship

For new applicants and existing scholars who recently graduated from elementary, junior high and senior high, click apply now.

For continuing scholars within the same education level, click renew scholarship now.