Ready, Set, Read! Educational Videos

Project Overview

Security Bank Foundation, in cooperation with the Knowledge Channel Foundation and Ateneo De Manila University, present the “Ready, Set, Read!” educational video series!

These videos intended for elementary pupils were produced following the Department of Education’s Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELCs) Guide and focused on the following four critical skills in English Reading:

  • Inferring the meaning of unfamiliar words (Grade 5)
  • Making inferences and drawing conclusions based on texts (Grade 3)
  • Predicting possible ending of a story (Grade 1)
  • Interpreting simple graphs, tables and pictographs (Grade 3)

Teachers and parents can use these videos for free to enhance children’s reading skills at the safety and comfort of home. The videos can also serve as teaching materials in classrooms once face-to-face learning delivery resumes.

Catch the live airing of the videos on the following platforms:

Grade 5 Inferring the Meaning of Unfamiliar Words

Knowledge Channel on Cable TV

Note: Channel number differs per cable TV provider

  • Jan 19-28, 2021 every Tue, Thu, and Sat (11:20-11:40 am)

A2Z Free TV Channel

  • Jan 21 – Feb 18, 2021 every Thu (8:20-8:40 am)


Videos will be uploaded online every 3pm of the day of airing on Knowledge Channel via Cable TV.

Digital Education Webinars

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