About Us

Security Bank Foundation, Inc. (SBFI) is the corporate social responsibility arm of Security Bank Corporation (SBC) established on August 25, 1993. Since its inception, SBFI has advocated for education as a long-term solution to poverty alleviation through its various programs such as building classrooms, continuous training and development of teachers, and providing scholarships to deserving students. SBFI believes that by ensuring a better quality of education for the Filipino youth, a better future for the nation is secured.

Accreditations and Affiliations




A nation where all the poor and marginalized are provided opportunities to become responsible, respected and productive members of the society.


To establish, operate and support meaningful and sustainable programs and projects on education and community development geared towards the social and economic amelioration of the less privileged in communities where Security Bank has a presence.


  • To establish, offer and extend financial aid and/or scholarship grants and other similar academic incentives to indigent but deserving youth.
  • To sponsor, promote, support encourage and finance educational activities and projects; as well as conduct, find and provide ways and means to give educational seminars, lectures, conferences, travel grants and exhibitions calculated to attain its purposes.
  • To sponsor or support community livelihood development programs or projects for urban and rural poor, that will generate a steady flow of income to support their basic needs.
  • To engage active participation of the members of the Security Bank community in meaningful social development activities.

Our Approach

Security Bank Foundation has applied a holistic approach to program management. This approach entails:

  • Thoroughly assessing the needs of people and communities.
  • Analyzing and identifying ideal project partners (national government agencies and local government units, academic institutions and other foundations or charitable institutions).
  • Executing plans excellently by getting buy-ins from Security Bank employees, and beneficiary groups.
  • Providing follow through programs to ensure sustainable impact.