Secure Goals Plus Application Form

Account Details
Min. P8334/Month for 1 year
Min. P4168/Month for 2 years
Min. P2779/Month for 3 years
Min. P2084/Month for 4 years
Min. P1668/Month for 5 years
Min. P1390/Month for 6 years
Min. P1191/Month for 7 years
Min. P1043/Month for 8 years
Min. P927/Month for 9 years
Min. P834/Month for 10 years
*Auto-debit occurs every 17th of the month, at the start of day. If scheduled debit date falls on a weekend or holiday, debit is after the end of day of previous banking day.
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Preferred Branch

Preferred Branch
Terms and Conditions
  1. This deposit is subject to the terms and conditions on account opening and maintenance, to specific product guidelines as may be applicable and all other rules and policies of the Bank.
  2. The agreed fixed amount shall be credited to the Secure Goals Plus through client’s assigned source account every month based on the fixed deposit schedule.
  3. Any withdrawal of this deposit shall be made through debiting the Secure Goals Plus and crediting the assigned settlement account.
  4. Any withdrawal of this deposit, whether of the interest only or of the principal and interest, via credit to the settlement account shall render this confirmation letter cancelled for all intents and purposes. Hence, presentation of the depositor’s copy of this confirmation letter to the Bank is not a pre-requisite to withdrawal.
  5. The Depositor may apply for termination or withdrawal of this deposit before the stipulated Maturity Date subject to the prevailing policy of the Bank on pre-termination. Termination or withdrawal on scheduled debit date is not allowed.
  6. The above application will be processed by the branch of account and the proceeds thereof shall be credited to the settlement account. If termination or withdrawal is requested on the scheduled debit date, the application will be processed on the next banking day.
  7. In case of failure to deposit the agreed amount at least one (1) banking day, within banking hours, before the scheduled deposit date shall result to termination of the Secure Goals Plus. Proceeds thereof shall be credited to the settlement account.
  8. The interest rate to be applied for pre-termination of Secure Goals Plus shall be as follows:
    • 1st half of the term = savings rate
    • 2nd half of the term = 50% of the given rate
  9. This deposit shall be subject to applicable withholding tax rate, unless client presents a certification or pertinent supporting documents acceptable to the Bank which state that client is exempted from corresponding tax.
  10. Further details on features, policies, terms and conditions of deposit products are available for client’s viewing on Security Bank Corporation’s website:
  11. This deposit may not be assigned/transferred without the prior consent of the Bank. Moreover, encumbrance of this deposit shall be valid and binding against the Bank unless such encumbrance is registered with the Bank.
  12. The mere possession of this confirmation letter shall not be presumed or deemed as proof of non-payment of the proceeds thereof. For any dispute regarding non-payment, the depositor should submit evidence that the settlement account was not credited.
  13. For inquiries and complaints, please call our 24-hour Customer Service hotline at (632) 88-791-88 or email us at Security Bank Corporation is supervised by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas with telephone number (632) 708-7087 and email address
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