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Get 5% or up to P300 cashback on your Buyandship Membership account using your Security Bank Mastercard credit card

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Promo is open to all Principal and Supplementary Rewards and Next Mastercard Credit Cardholders (“Cardholder”) whose Cards are active and in good credit standing, and with available Credit Limit at the time of purchase.
  2. Promo period is from November 15, 2021 to January 15, 2022.
  3. Transactions made from BuyandShip during the promo period are considered qualified.
  4. Cardholders are entitled to a 5% or up to P300 cashback when they transact at BuyandShip within the promo period.
  5. The amount of cashback will be credited to the Cardholder’s BuyandShip Membership account within 30 days from the end of the promo or February 14, 2022.
  6. There is no limit as to the number of transactions a cardholder can make during the promo period so long as the amount of Cashback will not exceed P300.
  7. If a cardholder disputes the very same transaction which earned him/her the cashback, the cashback amount shall be charged to the cardholder’s account. The cardholder shall be informed via email or phone call that the cashback amount shall be charged to his account.
  8. If there is any instance of fraud on the part of the cardholder with regards to the transaction, the Bank reserves the right to charge the cashback amount to the cardholder’s account, as well as other remedies available to it under the law.
  9. All queries regarding this promo shall be directed to Security Bank Customer Service hotline at +632 8887-9188 or contact us at [email protected]
  10. The Cashback credits are not refundable, transferable, nor exchangeable for cash or other products and services, and all rebate credits cannot be transferred to other Buyandship member accounts.
  11. Security Bank and Buyandship neither supply nor sell the products delivered through Buyandship’s service, and are not responsible for any obligations or liabilities of the sellers relating to the respective products.
  12. Security Bank and Buyandship reserve the right to determine the eligibility and validity of cardholders and transactions for this offer in accordance with their payment records, including date and time.
  13. This promo cannot be used in conjunction with other on-going promos of the Bank and is subject to the Terms and Conditions governing the issuance and use of Security Bank Mastercard.

*Cardholders in good credit standing are those whose Security Bank Mastercards are not reported lost or stolen, whose accounts are not delinquent, not under investigation due to suspected fraud, and Cardholders who have not violated any of the Terms and Conditions governing the Issuance and Use of Security Bank-issued credit cards.