Personal Management Trust

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Security Bank can help you set-up a Personal Management Trust which takes effect during your lifetime, unlike a will that only takes effect after death. Under this agreement, we will help you manage and transfer your assets to designated beneficiaries. It can also be used to complement your existing estate plan and:

  • Provide for the needs of your beneficiaries before and after death
  • Transfer properties from one generation to another
  • Assure the continuity and management of your assets

How we can help


  1. Wealth Transfer – Designing conditions on the transfer and distribution of your assets to beneficiaries
  2. Wealth Management and Preservation – Implementation of the transfer and distribution of the Trust Assets
  3. Advisory Services -Formulation of clients’ own unique investment portfolio with higher returns

Benefits and Privileges


Asset Management

Continuity of family lifestyle and management of assets

Protection of Benefit

Protect beneficiaries against death, incapacity, physical disability or other similar misfortune

Smooth Transfers

Smooth, confidential, and prudent wealth transfer and distribution

Peace of Mind

Avoidance of estate mismanagement and embezzlement

Avoidance of Family Feud

Protection against unnecessary diminution of assets

Documentary Requirements

From the Client From SBC Trust
  1. Duly Accomplished Client Questionnaire
  2. Government Issued IDs
  3. NSO Birth Certificate of Beneficiaries
  4. Appraisal Report for Real Properties*/ Valuation for Shares of Stock
  1. Trust Agreement
  2. Dispositive Provisions (Annex A)
  3. Customer Information File
  4. Signature Instruction Form
  5. Risk Disclosure Statement
  6. Client Suitability Questionnaire

*May be accomplished through the branch of account.

List of Valid IDs
Passport Company ID
Driver's License NBI Clearance
PRC ID Police Clearance
Digitized Voter's ID Postal ID (Paper-based card)
GSIS e-Card Barangay Certification
Senior Citizen Card OFW ID
Unified Multi-purpose ID Seaman's Book
ACR / ICR GOCC ID [e.g. Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP ID), Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF ID)]
Integrated Bar of the Philippines DSWD Certification
School ID PhilHealth Insurance Card ng Bayan (PHICB)
NCDA ID City Health Card / Health Certificate Card
Postal ID (PVC Plastic Card) Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Additional identifications (IDs) or documents may be required by our branch based on the interview and the type of account to be opened. The Bank reserves the right to decline account opening request based on its evaluations.

2 Types of Personal Management Trust

Revocable Personal Management Trust

Trustor reserves the right to change certain terms and conditions of the trust agreement such as pertaining to the distribution of benefits and/or the beneficiary/ies. The assets placed in trust forms part of the estate of the Trustor upon death.

Irrevocable Personal Management Trust

This trust involves the donation of properties to the beneficiary of the trust. The Trustor completely and absolutely relinquishes his ownership of the trust property and does not retain nor reserve any right to amend the terms of the trust. The trust cannot be revoked except for causes prescribed by law. The assets placed in trust are generally taken out from the estate of the Trustor.

Allowable Assets

Cash and Investments

Shares of Stock

Real Estate Property

Insurance Policies

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