The New FWD Vibrant Critical Illness Plan

Complete protection plan from wellness to recovery with up to 6x major critical illness benefit

At a Glance


Minimum Annual Premium As low as P25, 600
Payment Terms 5, 10 years
Age of Eligibility for the Insured 15 days to 65 years old
Coverage Up to 100 years old


Health Screening Benefit

Get 0.2% of your Benefit Amount starting on your 2nd policy anniversary to help monitor your health. This is payable every 2 years up to your 10th policy anniversary, as long as you haven’t made any major critical illness claims.

Up to 6x Major Critical Illness Benefit

Get 100% of the Benefit Amount when you’re diagnosed with a major critical illness, with  3x maximum claims for cancer, and 3x maximum claims for non-cancer

Health Supplement Benefit

Upon diagnosis of your first major critical illness, you’ll receive this one-time benefit, which gives 2% of your Benefit Amount every month for six months to help with your recovery.

Minor Critical Illness Benefit

Receive coverage equivalent to 25% of your Benefit Amount if you are diagnosed with any of the 15 covered minor critical illnesses.

Waive Future Payments

We’ll pay your premiums once you’re diagnosed with a major critical illness or permanent disability so you can focus on your health.

Death Benefit or Maturity Benefit

If you never make a major critical illness claim, we’ll give you 100% of the Benefit Amount when you reach age 100 to celebrate the milestone on your policy anniversary. If you pass away before then without having made a major critical illness claim, we’ll give your beneficiary 100% of the Benefit Amount.

Exclusions may apply including pre-existing conditions. Refer to the sales illustration for a list of exclusions. For more information, talk to your FWD Financial Solutions Consultant (FSC). This is for general information only. Refer to the policy contract for full details.

Other Products

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Min. Annual Premium (Whole Life): P25,000
Payment Terms: 5, 7, 10 Years, Whole Life
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1 > Statistics > Life > 2020 > Based on Paid-Up Capital
2 > Statistics > Life > 2020 > Based on New Business Annual Premium Equivalent